Trump Discount Club Opens to New Members


Hillary called 70 million Americans “deplorable” and she meant it as an insult.

We wore it as a badge of honor.

And now, at WeLoveTrump we have an announcement to make:  Being “Deplorable” now comes with benefits!

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Introducing the Trump Discount Club!  

You see, with over ONE MILLION Deplorables in our community here at WeLoveTrump, we are a powerful group.  

That same power that filled stadiums around the country at Trump rallies and swung the election to Donald Trump now brings you the power of group buying!  

In other words……that means DISCOUNTS for you!

And here’s the best part.  We’re only working with businesses who are pro-Trump!  Businesses who love us Deplorables and want our business.

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What an amazing concept!  

So if you want the inside track on amazing offers from pro-Trump businesses, be sure you’re a member of the Trump Discount Club by joining our Facebook group!  


And remember…..It’s Ok to be a Trump Supporter!

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