The Chinese Give Trump and Trudeau Nicknames, and They're Perfect

The Chinese Give Trump and Trudeau Nicknames, and They’re Perfect

Leave it to the Chinese to put it all in perspective.  

In America, we finally have a leader.  An Alpha Male.

Canada has…..a Beta.  A lady man.  A cuck.  In short, your basic Liberal.  

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And the Chinese have noticed.  They just nicknamed Trudeau the “Little Potato”!  How charming.  I’d say the shoe fits!

Check this out.  From GlobalNews:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is finishing up his trip to China, where he earned the affectionate nickname “little potato.”

The primary goal of the trip has been to strengthen business ties with China, the world’s second-largest economy.

Trudeau is following in the footsteps of his father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who established diplomatic ties with China.

Trudeau, well-known around the world for his use of social media, has been given the nickname “xiao tudou,” or “little potato,” as the name Trudeau sounds similar to the Mandarin word for potato.

“This trip is aimed at restoring, refreshing, strengthening the Canada- China relationship,” International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland told CNBC on Sunday.

“We are quite proud. The prime minister has been given a fond nickname in China, he is called tudou, which I believe means potato.”

“His father Pierre Elliott ‘tudou’ was ‘senior potato’,” Freeland said.

Gao Xiaosong, a popular Chinese talk show host, also called Trudeau “Little Potato,” in an episode that featured a discussion about First Nations issues in Canada.

The episode was pulled from the Chinese video-streaming site, and lead to accusations from Gao that the Crown corporation, Destination Canada, which promotes Canadian tourism abroad, was trying to censor discussion of the country’s aboriginal issues on his program.

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Meanwhile, want to know what the Chinese call Donald Trump?

"Donald the Strong."

Yeah, that fits too.  

Take a look:

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