Donald Trump Pleads With All Americans to PRAY For 9 Yr. Old Girl

Donald Trump Pleads With All Americans to PRAY For 9 Yr. Old Girl

The hateful Media and Liberals will try to spin this — or just ignore it — but we’re going to give you the full scoop.

Donald Trump is a good man.  Period.  

A good man and a praying man.  Because he just urged all Americans to stop and pray for this 9 year old girl who is fighting a serious illness.  

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This has nothing to do with politics, it’s just being a good human being and using the power of the Presidency that you’ve been given.  

Thank you Mr. Trump!

Take a look:

Here's more on the story, from the IJR:

Just about every move President Donald Trump makes and every word he utters ends up in the headlines, but somehow, this seems to have missed the news cycle.

In mid-January, it was revealed 9-year-old Sophia Campa-Peters of Brownfield, Texas, is fighting a serious illness that can stop the flow of blood to her brain and cause strokes, CBN News reported.

Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-Texas) shared Campa-Peters’s story from the House floor last week, and the president heard about it. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders shared a heartwarming message for the young girl earlier this week.

Campa-Peters has been struggling with the disease her entire life. When she was just 6 years old, she suffered several strokes that left her paralyzed on her left side. At the time, doctors worried she’d never recover, but now, Campa-Peters is able to move, feed herself and live a relatively normal life.

But she is still struggling with memory loss. On Friday, Campa-Peters traveled to the Boston Children’s Hospital to undergo major brain surgery, so she told her parents she wanted everyone to pray for her.

Her family said people around the world have been praying for her. “You mean everyone in the world will be praying for me? All 10,000 of them?” she wondered aloud.

Trump is one of those 10,000 people.

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