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BIG BROTHER: University of Virginia May Be Banning ALL Non-Liberal Speech From Campus

Language coming from the Dean's office is nothing short of creepy.


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Sports pundit Colin Cowherd likes to rant against the Virginia Cavaliers as a “cream puff” athletics program. 

Sounds like some of the cream-puffs at UVA have cashed-out…to the fascist PC police.

The college has instructed students to call 911 if they see any “offensive” flyers on campus. 

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Since many liberal teenagers are offended by the mere philosophy of conservatism, this potentially means that all right-wing speech will be met with force at Virginia. 

More from Daily Caller:

“The reports indicate that the organizations are specifically interested in buildings and centers for under-represented groups, particularly Women’s Studies,” said Patrick D. Hogan, chief operating officer and executive vice president at the University of Virginia in (an) email.

“If you witness individuals engaged in suspicious activity, including posting offensive flyers or other material in violation of the University’s Policy on Exterior Posting and Chalking, please call 911,” instructed Hogan. “The University Police Department and the Ambassadors … will be maintaining an enhanced security environment across Grounds this weekend.”

“If you witness any Rush Limbaugh fans scribbling “DITTO” on a chalkboard, please report the offensive and suspicious activity to campus headquarters. The offender will be re-educated.” 

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