WATCH: Trump Makes Historic Bi-Partisan Statement, Calls For New Era Of American Politics

President Trump may have just made the most ground-breaking, important statement of his young Presidency.


Trump called for “love” in the on-going negotiations between Republicans and Democrats on a DACA deal and the Border Wall. 

But during today’s historic bi-partisan meeting, the POTUS also pointed out that the “hatred” between the 2 parties must end. 

The President said that members of both parties used to go out to dinner, make friends and negotiate bills. 

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Now, he said, there is nothing but contempt. 

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In the clip below, Trump offers to play a unique role in making sure both parties can support a new bill on border security, something 2/3rds of Americans now agree is necessary:

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Don't be intimidated by the total time of the video. We Love Trump is a user-friendly blog and we've cut it to the precise time to hear the President's historic remarks. 

Watch for Lindsay Graham - formerly a never-Trumper - to chime in with his own efforts in communicating across the aisle. 

They're all getting on board the Trump Train now! 

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