Democrat Gov. Says Trump Has Caused A National Catastrophe That Will Begin In 59 Days

Democrat Gov. Says Trump Has Caused A National Catastrophe That Will Begin In 59 Days

Like a true televangelist, Governor Inslee says the end of the world can be sending him more of your money.

The idea “politics is religion” is typically attributable to both sides, liberal or conservative. Pro-Trump conservatives are fighting back against that stereotype, though. 

For one, Trumpers elected a leader who is not intended as a “Pope” figure but a master negotiator instead. We all know Trump has made mistakes. Pro-Trump conservatives lean toward a skeptical view of the entire government….including the Republican party. 

Democrats, however, are still worshipping at the alter of modern liberal politics. In fact, Washington governor Jay Inslee is now using a tactic used by carny huckster-style preachers over past few centuries. 

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He’s predicting a Trump-fueled environmental catastrophe for the entire United States that will begin in 59 days. How can we avoid this world-ending disaster?

By raising taxes, of course! 

Inslee is talking about passing a new "carbon tax" that would punish businesses for their CO2 emission levels. 

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However, he might as well be talking about all of politics. 

Liberals predicted that, essentially, the world would end if Trump - otherwise known as "Hitler" - won the election. They'll keep predicting the end of the world until Trump leaves office in 2021 or 2025. 

When - not if - no catastrophe comes, what will they say? "We were saved at the last second by the Democrats." 

Hmm. If so, it won't be from raising a tax - Trump has made sure that taxes won't be going up any time soon. 

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