AWW: Senator Tim Scott Breaks Down In Tears While Thanking President Trump For Tax Reform

AWW: Senator Tim Scott Breaks Down In Tears While Thanking President Trump For Tax Reform

Senator Tim Scott isn't often an emotional guy, but he couldn't help but be overwhelmed thanking Trump for giving Federal money back to struggling communities.

Scott spoke at a White House ceremony on Wednesday that served as a substitute “signing” ceremony. 

Why didn’t Trump go ahead and sign the bill? Because it must still be “enrolled” in the halls of Congress. 

But that didn’t stop the African-American Senator from choking up while thanking President Trump for bringing tax relief to “distressed” communities and single mothers. 

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Scroll down for the touching video!

More from Daily Caller:

Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina got choked up during a speech about the benefits of tax reform Wednesday, completely stealing the show at what was already a celebratory affair for Republicans and the administration.

The South Carolina senator discussed how Republicans are bringing tax relief to single-mothers, middle-class Americans and will ultimately help many achieve the “American Dream.”

“Well, Mr. President, during one of those conversations that we had where we talked about ways to improve distressed communities throughout this country,” Scott said.

“52 million persons living in distressed communities, and we talked about legislation that could move those communities said yes. And, as part of this tax reform package, the investing and opportunity act has been included, which will bring trillions of dollars into poor communities because of your willingness to listen.”

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