VIDEO: College Football And Our Military Just Totally STOMPED On The Failing NFL

VIDEO: College Football And Our Military Just Totally STOMPED On The Failing NFL

How is the NFL losing viewers while college football remains just as popular as ever? Let us count the ways!

What do you think of when you picture an NFL game in 2017? Players running fast and jumping high? Maybe, but that’s not all. 

How about athletes kneeling during the anthem, or taking lazy, dangerous shots at one another instead of tackling? 

How about players who don’t even care enough to KNEEL in front of the flag, who sit around looking bored or talking during the ceremony. 

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Or maybe even a fight! Yeah, let’s see a Trailer Trash vs. Crips & Bloods punch-out right there on the field. Let the millionaires have at it. It’s like celebrity pit-fighting!

Enter college football, which is ramping up its championship season just as the suddenly left-wing and spoiled NFL sinks into the doldrums. 

For those tuning in on Saturday, the Army-Navy Game was a triumph of everything great football still has to offer. 

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The celebrations of our soldiers, sailors and history were followed by a terrific 14-13 battle (won by Army) played in inches upon inches of driving snow!

Navy wore uniforms in commemoration of the “Blue Angels,” and Army in tribute to a famous fighting division. To a man, players and coaches saluted the flag and pledged to sacrifice for America. 

See a bit of the video below:

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