Liberal Reporter Gets SMOKED By President Trump, Forced To Admit Twitter Reporting "Is A Joke"

Liberal Reporter Gets SMOKED By President Trump, Forced To Admit Twitter Reporting “Is A Joke”

MSNBC reporter Dave Weigel (go ahead and call him "weasel") may have inadvertently told the truth on Twitter in reply to a scathing tweet from 45 himself.

On Saturday, left-leaning reporter Dave Weigel of WaPo and MSNBC tweeted out false and misleading photos of the Donald Trump rally in Florida.

He sarcastically implied that the event’s venue was NOT sold out.

Proven wrong just minutes later, Weigel deleted the tweet, but not before drawing the ire of a defiant President Trump himself. 

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Scroll down for the Twitter exchange, in which the lefty utters something very true at the end!

Meanwhile, more from Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump lashed out at Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel Saturday over a misleading photo of the crowd at a Trump event Friday that the reporter tweeted.

Trump’s tweet references a photo Weigel tweeted showing a mostly empty arena, sarcastically repeating Trump’s claim that the arena was “packed to the rafters.”

It appears that Trump is indeed correct, the stadium was packed when Trump spoke.

Weigel apologized almost immediately after, even admitting that it was “very fair” for Trump to call him out.

Trump has only increased tension with the media over the last week, tweeting Saturday morning that CNN made a “vicious and purposeful mistake” after they published a report with a major error about contacts between Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks.

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Maybe, just maybe, will the media tone down their anti-Trump fervor if humiliated enough?


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