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BREAKING: Washington Post Slams Trump…For Wanting To RAISE Taxes On The 1%!

The Washington Post will spin any Trump story negatively. But with the POTUS winning so much, they're having to get awfully creative.


If you happen to know anyone who STILL doesn’t think the media is biased against Trump, just show them this story. 

To Democrats, cutting taxes and murdering people are basically the same thing. “PEOPLE LIKE ME WILL DIE!” yelled a protester at one Tuesday afternoon Senate hearing. 

(If slightly-higher taxes are the only thing keeping you out of the grave, maybe you shouldn’t leave your job & travel to Capitol Hill to yell at Senators on a Tuesday. But we digress.)

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Speaking to the press today, President Trump suggested that maybe the 20% tax rate on corporations proposed in the Senate tax bill is too low, and that we should tax corporations a little more…maybe 22%. 

That’s 2% less “murder,” right? 

Any honest liberal would cheer that development. But instead, The Washington Post published the headline “Trump Waffles on Size of Corporate Tax Cut,” criticizing him for going in the more liberal direction after months of criticizing him for going in a conservative direction. 

If you enjoy seeing the MSM twist and contort themselves to bash Trump even when he’s AGREEING with them, check out this excerpt from WaPo:

President Trump on Saturday suggested for the first time that he would consider significant changes to the emerging tax overhaul plan, including setting the corporate tax rate at 22 percent — a rate higher than the level he had long demanded as the House and Senate crafted their legislation.

Early Saturday morning, the Senate narrowly passed a bill that would slash corporate tax rates from 35 percent to 20 percent starting in 2019. Several Republicans had tried to get GOP leaders to allow the corporate rate to settle at 22 percent in exchange for other tax breaks for families, but GOP leaders held the line at 20 percent, in part because Trump had said he would not allow it to go any higher.

But less than 12 hours later, as Trump was traveling to New York, he told reporters that he might accept 22 percent.

“Business tax all the way down from 35 to 20,” Trump told reporters, remarking on one of the elements of the Senate bill. “It could be 22 when it all comes out but it could also be 20. We’ll see what ultimately comes out.”

Every one percentage point change in the corporate tax rate is the equivalent of roughly $100 billion in revenue over 10 years. So moving the rate up two points would free up roughly $200 billion in revenue.


Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) had proposed setting the rate at 22 percent to allow the tax cuts to kick in next year and not delay the cut until 2019. 

But Trump is also under considerable pressure from donors to lower the top tax rate paid by wealthy individuals. Their tax rate did not fall much in the House and Senate tax overhaul plans, which led to griping and complaints from wealthy GOP campaign contributors.

Notice how the story cleverly changes the subject from Johnson and Trump’s 22% proposal to blather about donors’ tax rates? 

They’re hoping we’re all dumb enough to not really pay attention. 



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