BREAKING: Twitter EXPLODES With Liberal Rage As GOP Votes To Give Americans Some Of Our Money Back

The Trump Tax Cut is INCHES away from passing through the Senate. According to Democrats on Twitter, the sun will not come up tomorrow.


Imagine a gigantic, corrupt company like NBC/General Electric was being forced to give back a substantial sum of cash to the citizens they took it from. 

Do you think they’d tell any lies trying desperately to hold on to the loot? 

Now imagine an far bigger, even more-corrupt “business” that was forced to give trillions back to the people. Hmm. What’s a good example? 

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Maybe…the government! 

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There is no group of individuals more filled with rage, hatred and empty screaming than Democrats…at least not when you take just a little bit of their riches and power away from them. 

Twitter, already a den of left-wing bias, is going INSANE as the Republican tax cut bill takes its final steps through Congress. Here’s a sample:

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