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LOL: Antifa “Fighters” Start Snowball Fight With Police, Get DESTROYED In Amazing Video

In Quebec City, Antifa decided to fight the police with Mother Nature. The police won.


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To the Canadian mounties, it must have felt like the scene in Apocalypse Now where a hundred arrows come flying at the boat…and turn out to be made of rubber. 

There was Antifa, ready to square off with the Quebec City police.  

The atmosphere was tense as the cops dressed in their riot gear. Other radicalized groups lurked around the public square, ready to do battle. 

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Suddenly, the opening salvo…a snowball! 

Yes indeed…the big, tough, serious men of Antifa decided to try to take down the Canadian police force with a snowball attack. 

The incident was caught on camera in a hilarious video that shows Antifa turning and scurrying away as soon as the cops realized where the snowballs were coming from. 

Check out the video below!

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