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New Report: Bill Clinton Was So Lewd, White House Staff Afraid to Bend Over In Front of Him

What a legacy Bill.


We knew he was a sexual deviant, but we may not have known just how bad it was.

A new report out today alleges that he was so pervy and so lewd that the White House housekeeping staff was afraid to even bend over in front of him.

You know, like how you don’t want to drop the soap in prison?

Yup, that’s the atmosphere Bill Clinton ran at the White House, allegedly.

Stay classy, Bill.  What a legacy you have left!

What a joke.  The same people who lift up Bill Clinton as some sort of great man are the same people who are attacking Donald Trump left and right.

Donald Trump is 100 times the man Bill Clinton ever will be.  


From Newsweek:

A former White House staffer for President Bill Clinton said housekeepers were constantly afraid of the president's lewd impulses, to the point where they had to take measures to protect themselves.

"The housekeeping staff was afraid to bend over in his presence," said Linda Tripp, the White House employee who eventually exposed the relationship between Clinton and colleague Monica Lewinsky.

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Tripp was speaking out about the Clinton presidency as current political scandals reminded the public of the many allegations of Clinton's predatory behavior, including rape and sexual assault.

Tripp told The Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine, that residence staffers tasked with cleaning the offices learned to avoid Clinton amid whispers about his "libidinous impulses"—rumors that preceded Clinton's arrival in the White House in January 1993.

In addition to observing the housekeeping staff's behavior, Tripp witnessed the aftermath of an alleged assault against former White House volunteer Kathleen Willey in November 1993, when Clinton forced himself on her. Seeing Willey after the incident made Tripp suspect Clinton was a "predator by pattern."

A former White House employee for former President Bill Clinton said the housekeeping staff was "afraid to bend over in his presence."  

Shortly thereafter, Tripp was transferred from the White House to the Pentagon, where she befriended fellow West Wing exile Lewinsky in 1996. The 22-year-old Lewinsky told Tripp details of her relationship with the president, and Tripp further built on her suspicion that Clinton was using his position to prey on women. She secretly recorded their conversations and became a whistleblower to expose the sexual harassment charges.

"It was not consensual, and it was not an affair," Tripp said. "It was a servicing agreement on his part. She was a kid. She may have been 22 and had a voluptuous body and was misguided in her choices, but emotionally, she was 15 ... To say that Monica Lewinsky was a woman at that point in her life was a stretch beyond comprehension."


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