BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Executive's School Found GUILTY Of Rape, Torture Of Chinese Children

BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Executive’s School Found GUILTY Of Rape, Torture Of Chinese Children

A ghastly report from Beijing claims that kindergartners at a joint U.S. - Chinese operated school were raped and injected with deadly drugs. Guess who's in charge?

It seems too horrifying to be real, but it probably is. 

School administrators from the United States and China are being investigated after reports and physical evidence that children were being drugged and sexually assaulted in a Beijing kindergarten came to light. 

Even more heartbreaking, American political corruption may have been a contributing factor in allowing these deplorable crimes to take place. 

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Reuters has reported that Joel Getz, former executive at the Clinton Foundation, is an Independent Director at RYB Education, the institution in charge of the school. 

Even right-wing blogs are pointing out, rightfully, that the Clintons have little or nothing to do with educational organizations outside of their direct reach in the ahem, “formerly” quite-active Clinton Foundation.

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But some readers were quick to point out that, if not an evil and willing participant in ghastly crimes, Getz was at least an incompetent and negligent choice to run the school in China. 

Did he receive such an honor as a former Yale prof and a buddy of the Clintons? Scroll down for a tweet that says it all. 

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