LOL: CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Says Trump’s Rescue Of UCLA Players From China Has “Racist” Undertone!

CNN has now set a world record for racial-izing the biggest number of issues in a given year...and for a given President.


Brooke Baldwin accused President Trump of racism over his recent rescue of 3 arrested UCLA basketball players from Chinese prison.

Does she find it disrespectful of the Chinese prison guards or…? 

After all, they need jobs too. 

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But ultimately, CNN finds Trump’s tweet – humorously asking for a thank-you from members of west-coast basketball community (not his biggest fan base) – racist,

“You have these three black men and you have this white president and part of it has been the undertone of based on previous tweets…” Baldwin said on-air. 

Show guest S.E. Cupp quickly jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon.

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“I’m just going to go there, and where I’m going with it is that you have this president essentially saying to these three black men, essentially like ‘where’s my apology?”

The panel concluded that nobody will change their minds on any race controversy due to Trump rescuing the athletes from jail. 

In other words…the President is a racist no matter what he does!

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