Beautiful: UCLA Players Thank President Trump for Their Freedom!

They have a lot to be thankful for!


What a great story.

While President Trump was on his Asia tour, he took time to personally negotiate the release of three UCLA baskeball players being held in China.  

Many think the players were acting as thugs and didn’t deserve to be released, but they are Americans and President Trump got them back.  

Trump Tweets:

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It was looking like the basketball players had their heads way up their asses and weren't going to thank and honor our President for what he did, so Trump tweeted this.   ⬆️

Thank You Is Given

Luckily, shortly after Trump's tweet, these basketball players gave President Trump a proper thank you!

As they damn well should have!


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Your thoughts?

Were the thank yous heartfelt?

Were they too late?  

How much do you love our President?  

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