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Watch Hannity Fans Smash Their Keurigs In Boycott!

I can't pick a favorite!


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This is pretty awesome!

Yesterday, I told you about the five companies who were pulling their ads from Sean Hannity’s show after Hannity had the gall (sarcasm alert!) to give Judge Roy Moore the presumption of innocence and not rush to judgment.  

Read More: Support Hannity, Boycott These Five Companies!

We said it was time to boycott these companies since they don’t stand for the most basic of American principles: the presumption of innocence!  Not the presumption of guilt!  We don’t try people on TV here in America, they are presumed innocent and they get to defend themselves!

So we said it was time to boycott.

Boycott Working Already!

Well, here's your update just one day later and boy oh boy is the boycott working!

It's not only working, but working in splendid and often hilarious fashion!


Damn if feels good to be a ganster.....🎶

Look out below!

A "Deplorable" Smash!

Hannity then stoked the fire:

Which is your favorite?

Ok, time to chime in....which one was your favorite?

Comment below, when you finish laughing!  



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