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Garland Can’t Confirm It Was A Hate Crime


Welcome to America, where a hate crime can only be confirmed if the victim is a homo, transvestite, person of color, or illegal alien.

If you’re a victim and you happen to be Christian, you’re out of luck…

In fact, the Left will find a way to say you deserve whatever it is you got!

When pressed by GOP lawmakers to investigate the Covenant School shooting as a hate crime, Attorney General Garland said it was too soon to label it as such.


Washington Examiner reported on this slap in the face:

“I realize that the shooter is dead, but the shooter could have had collaborators. Do you plan on opening a hate crime investigation for the targeting of Christians?” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) asked Garland at a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing.

Garland noted that the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives had been on the scene working with local law enforcement and that “as of now, motive hasn’t been identified.”

“We are certainly working full-time with them to try and determine what the motive is, and, of course, motive is what determines whether it’s a hate crime or not,” the attorney general said.

I’m sorry, but common sense tells us everything we need to know here.


But, oh wait – that’s right…

The Left lacks common sense ENTIRELY!

Washington Examiner cited a significant piece of evidence to support the claim that this, indeed, was a hate crime:

Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake said during a Monday interview that he believed Hale held a sense of “resentment” toward the school.

Senator Bill Hagerty pushed Garland to turn on the common sense lightbulb:

“You responded … that the motive is not yet known. But if the evidence suggests that the killer’s motives were political or ideological. I just want to confirm with you that part of your investigation will be to determine whether this constitutes a hate crime or domestic terrorism,” Hagerty said.

Garland replied by clarifying, “Yes,” adding that a “motive that is based on the religion or the political ideology of the victims is a hate crime.”


The police found the shooter’s manifesto DETAILING the attack.

The police mention RESENTMENT toward the Christian school.

The shooter was TRANS in Tennessee, where child sex change was just banned!

Of course, the Left refuses to admit what this was.

They’re still digging around in their pile of sh*t brains looking for a way to pin this on Trump supporters!

How will they explain the unfortunate timing of Audrey Hale’s hate crime?

You see, Audrey carried out her massacre during the Trans Week of Visibility!

According to their website,

The time for mass mobilization in defense of trans lives is now. Trans youth are under attack in states across the country. As efforts to criminalize trans bodies escalate, so must our resistance.

What am I even looking at?

Wait a minute – this couldn’t be considered inciting violence now could it?

Oh, silly me – of course not!

Only MAGA can do that according to the DemonRats.


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