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Ron DeSantis Takes Jab at Trump and Says He Can Win Presidency If He Runs In Interview With Piers Morgan


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told Piers Morgan that he thinks he can win the presidency if he runs in an interview scheduled to air on Fox Nation Thursday.

“If I were to run, I’m running against Biden,” DeSantis said.

“Like we [him and Trump] are competing for the Republican, potentially, I get that, but ultimately you know the guy I’m gonna focus on is Biden because I think he’s failed the country. I think the country wants a change. I think they want a fresh start and a new direction and so we’ll be very vocal about that.”

Piers Morgan asked DeSantis if he believes he can beat Joe Biden.

“I think so,” he answered.

“I have a feeling President Trump will be caps-locking his phone keyboard when he watches my DeSantis interview,” Piers Morgan said in a jab at President Trump.

Twitter users expressed their disapproval of the interview:

Piers Morgan wrote in the New York Post:

While Trump currently leads DeSantis for the Republican nomination, he loses in the general against Biden because of those very independents, while DeSantis fares much better.

DeSantis is convinced his wildly successful, if divisive, Florida playbook can work for all of America.

“One of the things that was interesting about my election,” he said, “is that voters in Florida overwhelmingly thought the country was on the wrong track, but they thought Florida was on the right track. So, they saw the difference in terms of how things are governed. We run big budget surpluses . . . the federal government’s $31 trillion dollars in debt. We’re very tough on crime, the policies in Washington are to be more weak on crime. We believe in being good stewards of the environment, but I don’t want to control everyone’s behavior with some of the stuff that’s going on.

“And we have really fought against the woke ideology. People know we cannot be governed by a woke agenda and some of these mayors and prosecutors that have gotten elected around the country on that agenda, their societies have decayed as a result of it. So, I think just some common sense, some leadership, some courage and being right on the issues I think could go a long way.”

He thinks being Governor has prepared him well for a possible presidency.

“What I’ve been called upon to do as Governor is make the right decisions when it wasn’t easy. A lot of people thought I was dead a few years ago because I was charting my different course and my view is I got elected to save the jobs of the people I represent. It can’t be looking out for my own job.

In the interview, DeSantis also compared his leadership style to Trump.

Piers Morgan wrote in a separate piece for the New York Post:

Trump’s mood is likely to deteriorate further when he hears what DeSantis now says about him in our lengthy interview at the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee, the most personal and revealing he’s ever given.

It was clear that the governor has had enough of Trump’s constant baiting and felt ready to take him on in what could end up being a ferocious battle for the White House.

And in a series of jabs at his likely biggest Republican nominee rival, DeSantis slammed Trump over his character failings, chaotic leadership style, and for his handling of the COVID pandemic — especially in keeping controversial health chief Dr. Anthony Fauci in his post helping to run the White House Coronavirus Taskforce.

Trump even awarded a presidential commendation medal to Fauci in one of his last acts as president.

When I asked DeSantis to cite specific differences between him and Trump, he said: “Well I think there’s a few things. The approach to COVID was different. I would have fired somebody like Fauci. I think he got way too big for his britches, and I think he did a lot of damage.”

DeSantis also slammed Trump’s chaotic, self-obsessed, and divisive management style, saying:

“I also think just in terms of my approach to leadership, I get personnel in the Government who have the agenda of the people and share our agenda. You bring your own agenda in you’re gone. We’re just not gonna have that. So, the way we run the Government I think is no daily drama, focus on the big picture and put points on the board and I think that’s something that’s very important.”

In 2018, Ron DeSantis received a critical endorsement for governor from President Trump in Florida’s closely-contested gubernatorial election against Democrat Andrew Gillum.

From Roll Call:

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Rep. Ron DeSantis will run for Florida governor in 2018, the third-term Republican announced Friday morning.

Appearing on the morning cable show “Fox & Friends,” DeSantis touted his strong relationship with President Donald Trump — who endorsed the 39-year-old lawmaker for a governor bid in recent weeks — before revealing his intention to run.

“As you remember a few weeks ago, the president tweeted support for me as a candidate for governor of Florida,” DeSantis said. “So today we’re going to be filing the paperwork to begin that effort.”

DeSantis lauded the term-limited Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s record over the last seven years and deployed a common phrase Trump used during his 2016 presidential campaign about clearing government of corrupt leaders and career politicians.

“With the support of the president, I’m in a position to exercise the leadership that can build on the great work that Governor Rick Scott has done to advance economic opportunity, reform education, and drain the swamp in Tallahassee that needs to be drained just like Washington,” DeSantis said.

The interview with Piers Morgan airs Thursday night on Fox Nation’s “Piers Morgan Uncensored.”


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