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The COMPLETE List Of Banks That Should Be Bailed Out


Noah here and this is a join post courtesy of my friends over at The Tuttle Twins.

First SVB, then Signature Bank… the past few days have seen a lot of turmoil in the banking industry.

Now today it looks like Credit Suisse will be toast soon.

After that Deutsche Bank?

So, I present to you… the comprehensive list of all banks deserving a bailout.

You ready?

  1. None of them
  2. When in doubt, see #1

“There’s been a loss of financial discipline with the government bailing out depositors in full,” investor Ken Griffin said on Monday. He noted that these bailouts are an attack on the capitalist economy, which he said was “breaking down before our eyes.”

He’s not wrong. Bankers and politicians are once again crying out for more intervention, more easy money, more kicking the can down the road.

And all of the problems stem from the Creature from Jekyll Island — the Federal Reserve that manipulates the interest rate and prints up funny money like there’s no tomorrow.

I believe the solutions are simple: people who made bad decisions should have to suffer the consequences, rather than making the rest of us pay for their mistakes.

It’s not rocket science. That’s a principle so simple that most kids can understand it.

And there are a ton of kids who do understand it, because it’s a theme throughout our Tuttle Twins books.

It’s times like these that our mission becomes more focused — because we know that these principles need to be taught better in homes and schools throughout the country.

So we’re doing our part by launching a massive discount today on a big bundle of educational content so your family — and your friends and neighbors — can focus on learning sound principles in a world filled with confusion.

More bailouts, more spending, more inflation. What can we do about it?

We can educate our kids and teach them true principles. We can help them understand why free markets are so important.

We can have family discussions about what’s going on and how we can protect our hard-earned savings from all the inflation and banking shenanigans happening.

We want to help… so grab our Bank Bailout Book Bonanza — a huge discount on our popular books through Saturday night!

This bundle includes (at nearly 80% off the total price!):

  • All 13 of our paperback children’s books — teaching things like entrepreneurship, money, personal responsibility, true education, and much more…
  • All 13 of our PDF printable activity workbooks so your kids can keep learning the lessons after reading the book
  • All 13 of our MP3 audiobooks so your kids can listen along to a professionally recorded version as they read
  • All 13 of our PDF parent guides so that you can ask your child important discussion questions and have suggested answers to review
  • Our popular Tuttle Tales family card game to generate more discussions and creativity around the ideas from the books
  • 3 of our popular e-books
  • No coupon needed. Grab the bundle before Saturday and tell your friends — especially if they’re a politician or a banker. 😎

Shop the Bank Bailout Bundle

Deal ends Saturday night!

We fight ignorance by teaching more people the truth.

Let’s do our part by making sure our kids know the importance of free markets and personal responsibility.

And share the sale with a friend you think would want to pick up the deal!


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