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Massive Bank Run Just Started? Reports Of Money “GONE” From Wells Fargo Accounts!


Heads up folks!

News is breaking today that we may be on the verge of a bank run.

Do we have a black Monday coming up?

Massive bank run starts on a Friday and panic sets in over the weekend?

As Silicon Valley Bank folds and others appear on the verge, this the alarm bells are being sounded.

Watch this from MeetKevin, titled “A MASSIVE Bank Run JUST Started” (and remember that Kevin is pretty level headed):

Then we just got this next from my friend Christopher Greene over at AMTV:

Noticing a theme yet?

That’s not all.

As I’m typing this, reports of money suddenly going missing — or direct deposits not showing up from payrolls — are exploding on Twitter about Wells Fargo accounts.

Oh my….

Do you have Wells Fargo?

Go check your account right now.

Look at this:

The stock is tanking:

From InsiderPaper:

Wells Fargo customers have reported that their direct deposits were missing from their accounts on Friday morning, according to reports.

Reports of Wells Fargo customers missing direct deposits from their accounts

Customers took to social media to report that their direct deposit funds had disappeared from their Wells Fargo accounts which left some in the negative.

Many expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter, and questioned where their money is.

One person reported that he woke up to overdraft protection emails, adding, that Wells Fargo ”better have a good explanation because I had a paycheck yesterday.”

“This is likely the last straw for me with Wells Fargo,” another person posted.

A user even reported being “broke on payday” and not able to buy breakfast.

“Not only was my payroll deposit taken back after being posted to my account on Thursday, but my account is also now overdrawn by $1,200. I have bills due and groceries to purchase. Going to spend the day bank shopping I guess,” said one person., an outage monitoring website, indicates that a surge in users experiencing problems occurred at 7 a.m. on Friday morning. There were more than 400 detected reports.

A Downdetector user who has been with Wells Fargo for years posted that the bank has “been good to work with, but would be better if they used email to inform us all. My accounts are ok.”

Reports from people who are experiencing money are flooding Twitter right now:

None are safe?

None are “too big to fail”?

Was Donald Trump right all along?

You gotta love this classic meme:

And this one:

Now I have to ask anyone if this is ringing any bells….

Didn’t we have the exact same thing happen last month?

Yes we did….with Bank of America.

Bail-In Fears Grow At Bank Of America…Simpsons Predicted It?

Yesterday we told you that some Bank of America customers were having trouble accessing their money.

Today it’s grown worse.

Reports of paychecks not arriving and one woman reportedly being told to “come back in February”.

Is this how it starts?

Bail-ins coming?

Is BOA in trouble?

And….did The Simpsons predict this years ago?

Here’s the latest…

Let’s start here, and gee those images in the background look familiar:

Missing paychecks….

Just come back in February!


Did The Simpsons predict it?

Ever notices the “glitches” never go the other way around?

Here’s what we reported yesterday:

Oh boy….here we go?

We’ve been warning for a long time that “bail ins” are coming.

You remember “bail outs” from 2008/09, but they won’t run that same plan again.

No, this time it will be something called “bail ins” where they just take some money from all bank accounts on file because it’s needed to help the “greater good”.

Think it can’t happen?

It already did in Cyprus over 10 years ago:

A bail-in is when a bank takes money from its customers to help keep the bank from going bankrupt. This is different from a bail-out, which is when the government gives money to a bank to help it stay open.

In 2013, the country of Cyprus had a big problem. Its banks were in danger of going bankrupt because they had lost a lot of money. The government of Cyprus and the European Union (EU) decided to do a bail-in.

This meant that the customers of the banks in Cyprus had to give up some of their money to help keep the banks open. People who had money in the bank had to give up some of it. This made some people very upset.

The EU and Cyprus government decided that people with less than 100,000 Euros in their bank accounts would not lose any money. But people with more than 100,000 Euros in their bank accounts would lose some of it.

At first, people were told that they would lose 6.75% of the money they had in the bank. But then it was changed to 9.9%. This meant that if someone had 100,000 Euros in the bank, they would lose 9,900 Euros.

This caused a lot of problems for people in Cyprus. Some people were not able to pay their bills because they had lost so much money. Some small businesses were not able to stay open because they did not have enough money.

The EU and Cyprus government said that they did the bail-in to help keep the banks open and to make sure that there would not be a big financial crisis in Cyprus. But some people did not agree with this. They thought that the government should have found a different way to help the banks without taking money from the people.

In conclusion, a bail-in is when a bank takes money from its customers to help keep the bank from going bankrupt. In 2013, the country of Cyprus had to do a bail-in to help its banks stay open. This meant that people with bank accounts in Cyprus had to give up some of their money. It caused some people a lot of problems, but the government and EU said that it was necessary to prevent a financial crisis.

Is it happening again right before our eyes?

In the USA this time?

I don’t know, I just report what I see others saying.

And this is going viral right now:

Backup here:

Other reports:

Here’s what BOA has said in response:

From ABC13:

Some Bank of America customers said money is missing from their accounts, including funds from Zelle deposits and transactions.

Rey Garcia has trusted Bank of America with his money for 20 years.

But when he noticed the problem happening to others, he went to check his own account.

“I was surprised, like, whoa,” Garcia said. “So I checked my transactions. I had, like, 15 different Zelle transactions. That was, like, a red flag for me right there because I don’t remember doing all that in one day.”

He says almost $700 went missing from his account. He called customer service with no luck getting a representative.

Garcia tells ABC13 he has pending transactions scheduled to come out Thursday for his bills.

“I’m going to have to go in there and dig in my savings account, which I don’t want to use, but these bills got to get paid, you know what I mean?” he said.

A Bank of America spokesman told ABC7 San Francisco that the problem has been resolved and the deposits and transfers are starting to appear in customers’ accounts.

Wednesday morning, many customers took to social media to express frustration and try to find answers.

“What is going on over there, accounts are overdrawn???!!!!!” said one Twitter user.

“Where is my money!!! Account negative!!!!” said another.

DownDetector, a website that monitors the statuses of websites, said that “user reports indicate problems at Bank of America,” with the first user-submitted reports coming in at 1:42 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 18. Sixty-six percent of reports indicated there was an issue with “funds transfer.”

BofA customers on social media also report that when trying to place a call to customer service, they receive a message that their call cannot be completed due to “extenuating circumstances.” At one branch location in Houston, a line of more than a dozen customers waited for help, with several of them saying money was missing from their accounts. They’re telling ABC13 Houston that they’ve been told to call customer service, but they can’t get through to representatives on the phone, so they showed up in person.

“Has the entire phone customer service team been fired? I have been trying to reach anyone through the helpline for 20 minutes with no luck, even the fraud line is down,” tweeted one customer.

Bank of America put a warning on its app, saying: “Please note: Zelle transactions made between January 14 and January 17 may be delayed in occurring and posting to accounts as requested. Transfers will be completed and will appear in your account activity and balances as soon as possible. We apologize for any delays or inconvenience.”

We’ve been warning you for a long time:

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE? Here’s How They’ll Roll Out The “Biden Bucks”…

We’ve been spending a lot of time recently educating and warning about a possible economic crash on the horizon.

Very NEAR on the horizon, by all accounts.

We’ve been shouting from the rooftops to be prepared.

Because it sure looks like we’re about to see:

…a major economic collapse.

…a rollout out CBDCs (keep reading if you don’t know what that is).

…bank runs.

…bail ins.

…and a lot more.

So we’ve been pleading and preaching: GET PREPARED!

And hey, what’s the worst case if we’re wrong?

No calamity and you’re extra safe and prepared.


But it looks ugly.

Here’s a big write up we just posted warning of October 1:

Bo Polny: Why The Immense Need For Cryptocurrencies NOW!

We know this is happening now:

Bo Polny: The Fireworks Start In September! Bitcoins Massive Move…

And now I want to talk "Biden Bucks" and CBDCs.

CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency.

Our Founding Fathers were adamant about a few things:

1) Small Government.

2) A Weak Federal Government and Strong States

3) No National Bank (i.e. No Federal Reserve).

We're currently losing ground on all 3 of those and quickly under Biden.

The final blow will come when they crash the dollar, crash the economy, crash the stock market, and then try to roll out their CBDCs....essentially the Federal Reserve on steroids and all controlled by computer.

This is the grand plan.

Can you see it now...

The Biden Regime doesn't like something you posted on Facebook?

Not only do you go to Facebook Jail for 30 days but during those 30 days they also electronically shut off all access to your money.  Freeze your wallet.  Limit what you can buy with your wallet.

That's CBDCs.

And they're really bad.

But not all cryptocurrency is bad.

In fact, it's just a tool, and the fight between good and evil over this new tool is raging right now.

My opinion?

You need to be in the game.

Scratch that-- I can't tell you what YOU need to do, but as for me, I am getting prepared and I'm in the game.

And I'm getting the cryptos I think will be on the winning side.

And I'm holding them in MY wallet which I control, not the FED Government wallet.

So with that intro, please watch this video for more details on how all this rolls out:

And if your head is spinning and you need help getting educated, my friend Bo Polny can help with just that.

He can't guarantee you'll make money, but he can help you learn how to get started with Crypto.

He created what he calls the Easy Crypto School and he teaches you from Square 1 how to do it -- even if you don't know the first thing about it right now.

That's fine, he walks you through every step and I've already heard from so many of you that it's been super helpful.

So if you need that, please go here:

Bo Polny: Why The Immense Need For Cryptocurrencies NOW!

Stay safe!

Be prepared!

Too Big To Fail? Bank Runs? THIS Would Cripple The Big Banks Almost Instantly!

As news of Bank Runs is breaking across Twitter right now while I type this, I thought it might be time to put the final nail in the coffin of this horribly corrupt industry.

What do you think?

Is there a quick way to bankrupt the corrupt banks?

A new campaign on Twitter says yes.

Actually, it's not a new theory, it's been floated before.

And it worked to perfection with the AMC / Gamestop mania from last year.

I'll let this guy explain:

The math checks out.

How crazy is that?

THAT is how fragile our system really is right now...

It's already bankrupt, people just don't know it yet:

Kanye himself could probably do most of it:

Truth here:

When the silver rigging ends, the big banks go under....

Which is why they fight (lie, cheat and steal) to make sure that never happens.

But it will soon.

Their Great Reset will be turned into a wipeout of themselves!

Just like Haman's Gallows!

If you want to grab your 3 ounces in style, I've got you covered!

Check this out:

Brand New From DISME: Free The J6’ers!

I love what these guys just put out...

Their newest coin (still on preorder) is a beautiful reminder that this battle is FAR from over...

Here's the front:

And the back now has Mike Pence deleted and this added:

I'm kind of liking the 19th President, but 47th works too....

Here's more about this new one:

It will mark 3 years this 2023 since these people have been wrongfully imprisoned and we need to set them free. The American Gulag is alive and real and unless something is done more people can be tossed away with no key!

This is going to be our new series for 2023. We will have a separate series from the Limited Trump Edition that will focus on Let’s Go, Brandon! This series it will carry the 47th reverse but will still be limited to the 4,500 of each design.

Here at Disme Coins, we have taken great pride in our American Made products with American Supply Chains. This country used to be so much more than what it is today and that is what the MAGA movement represents to us. President Trump made the public aware of how the American Dream and ingenuity are dying and if we do not Make America Great Again Great Again now there might not be the chance ever again. We will continue to come out with “controversial” designs that commemorate President Trump and all of his accomplishments.

Please make sure to order all your pre-order items on their own ticket unless you do not mind waiting for your entire order. We are a super small company and try not to break up orders.

As of press time, there are only 22 remaining in stock and I expect those will be gone by tomorrow based on how many readers we have:

You can also sign up for their 2023 Subscription Plan to lock in your place and make sure you never miss another one after selling out:


I'll post the video of me unboxing my DISME coins below so you can see how they arrive and how nice they are.

I'll also post a couple other options in case this one is sold out by the time you read this.

UNBOXING My New DISME Coins! New Design on the Back (No More Pence)!

I just got my new shipment of DISME Trump Silver Coins and they are awesome!

I love these things so much I made an unboxing video to show you what they look like.

The new ones have some really cool features like limited mintage of 4500 per coin, the exact print number embedded in the side of the coin, and a brand new back side!

Watch my video here where I show you all the details....

Watch on Rumble:

Here's more....check out the newest coin just released.

This is not in my video because it's brand new and still on pre-sale.

It's hard to pick a favorite, but this one is near the top of the list.

The Trump MAGA Lion is up there too, as is the Still My President, which you can see below and which is almost sold out already:



But now let's talk about the newest one that I am totally loving!


I love it, and they did an amazing job with the design, don't you think?

Check it out here....



Some of the earlier coins said "Pence" on the back, but you'll note that is now removed and it says 45th instead.

Much better!

Also note that all new coins are a limited mintage of 4500.

That means once they're gone, they're truly gone!

And as of the writing of this article, only 3,152 are left....and it just launched yesterday!

And I plan to buy 10 later today, so make it 3,142!

I always buy the latest coins for my collection.

Because once they're gone, they're gone!  Limited run!

Not marketing hype, it's the real deal.

Limited runs help keep the value high for everyone.

And here's the really cool thing....not only do they have the limited mintage stamped on the back, but they actually have the Coin # within that mintage stamped on the edge of the coin.

Why I Choose To Work With DISME

So you will know exactly which # out of the 4500 you got!

Very cool.

If you want to see even more, here's a video I made unboxing my last purchase:

So...why am I buying silver?

Well, because it sure looks to me like silver shorts are about to end up the same as the Game Stop shorts.

In other words, "taking it in the shorts!"

I'm not an investment advisor and I can't tell you what to you, I'm just telling you what I'm doing....and I love holding physical silver coins in my own possession.

Makes me feel good!

Stock market can crash for all I care, my silver is stored away safely in my vault.

And here's another reason....

My friend Bo Polny recently came on my show and told me he thinks silver is about to go over $100/oz.

Oh my!

Watch safely here on Rumble:

Here are a few more if you'd like to peruse.....

The Best Is Yet To Come:

One of my absolute favorites and I have a good number of these coins in my safe at home!

The Donkey and RINO Hunter:

This one is a presale and so what you are seeing is the artistic rendering of it and not the actual coin itself yet because they are not yet minted.

I absolutely love this one and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites.

The Protector of the 2nd Amendment:

If the silver coins are a bit too pricey for your taste, you HAVE to check out the copper coins!

They are absolutely beautiful and also made of 99.9% investment grade pure copper!

Check out this beauty:

Oh, and one more thing...

All new DISME coins, including the three shown in the giveaway, all have 45 on the back.

Looks like this:

Aren't they beautiful?

Why I Choose To Work With DISME


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