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Buckle up folks!

We’re about to cover something very dangerous…

In fact, I debated all weekend about whether I was going to cover this or not.

I finally decided I must.

Because there’s a saying that I like so much I used it as the tagline at my site for a long time:

Like a lion, set the truth free and it will defend itself.

So that’s what we’re doing here.

Speaking of lions and truth and being safe and dangerous, that reminds me of another famous quote, this one from C.S. Lewis and the world of Narnia:

So let’s dig in and let’s talk about the KING.

In Narnia, Aslan the lion represents Jesus Christ.

But this article is about YHWH.

In English, we fill in the vowels and we say Yahweh, but Hebrew has no vowels so it’s just Y H W H.

It’s the Yod Hey Vav Hey.

So….who is Yahweh?

And why am I writing about it?

Because a reader sent me these videos and told me I should take a look at them.

I’m not going to say their name because I don’t want to embarrass them and they are 100% entitled to their opinion, which was that these videos are very interesting and kind of like Bo Polny or Trey Smith — two guys we love around here.

So with that introduction I decided I would take a look.

And what I found was something VERY dangerous.

A deception as old as the Garden of Eden.

And this is where I debated even covering this story, because do I want to give extra attention to this guy and his deception?

I’ll say this at the onset….the guy, who goes by the name Israel Anderson (and I have to question whether his real name is “Israel” because that would be quite a coincidence) seems very genuine.

He seems good natured.

But what he is teaching is a wild heresy.

One of the most basic heresies.

But…I will also say this: I listened to the entire video and he makes an incredibly compelling presentation.

I mean, very, very well done.

And thought-provoking!

To the point that I’m still thinking about it a couple days later.

And that’s where the dangerous part comes in because this guy could lead a LOT of people astray.

But I’ve decided to cover it so I can hopefully cut some of that off at the pass and make sure people are educated in the REAL truth!

So let’s cut right to the chase and then I’ll show you his video…

His main claim, which he spends over 90 minutes backing up (and on the surface in a very convincing way — surprisingly) is that basically the roles of YHWH and Satan in the Bible are reversed.

Jesus comes to set everything right, but his Father is not YHWH at all.  Plot twist!  His father is actually the Serpent, the Devil.

And the Devil is the one on humanity’s side.

The Devil is the one who wants you to be free and happy.

Sound crazy?

I’ll say it again…he makes a very compelling case.


If you’ve ever wondered how the Free Masons and all these secret societies that worship the Devil get their minds so twisted, I have to assume it’s through teaching like this.

So once again, I warn you this is very dangerous and please don’t get “sucked in”.

But the pitch in this presentation goes that the Yahweh of the Old Testament seems fairly homicidal.

He’s always out killing women and children and animals of all competing clans.

It’s actually something we’ve covered here before in great detail and Rob Skiba has done incredible teaching on that before.


Then you get to Jesus and he seems nothing like the Yahweh of the Old Testament, and yet he keeps talking about how he and his Father are one.

Then you have the Garden, and you have Yahweh seemingly punishing Adam and Eve for a minor transgression and sentencing them to death, meanwhile the friendly serpent just wanted them to have full knowledge.

See how it all goes back to the original lie?

But it’s clever and crafty!

There’s a bunch more in here that does get you all twisted and confused.

Like the part where Moses tells the Israelites to raise up a serpent on a stick and anyone who looks on it will be healed.

Ever read that before?

It IS confusing, when just a few chapters earlier the Serpent is very clearly the image of the Devil.

But now Moses uses this as a healing tool?

In fact, it’s why medicine today still has two snakes on a pole as its universal symbol for healing.

Strange, right?

Oh, there are answers for all of this, but when you go surface level and try to weave a deception, it can be very persuasive!

Then you have Jesus appearing to the San Hedrin (who by all accounts were the most strict of Jews) and he tells them he doesn’t know them.

Then of course you have Psalm 82 and the Divine Council.

Most Christians don’t even know this is in the Bible but it basically does talk about YHWH being ONE member of the Elohim….the Divine Council.

Ever heard that before?

It’s actually in your Bible, go read Psalm 82 and report back to me.

The recently deceased Dr. Michael Heiser has TREMENDOUS Christian teachings explaining what this council is.

Dr. Heiser was such a gift and it’s so sad we lost him, but I’ll post his videos below.

Dr. Heiser would run intellectual circles around this Israel Anderson guy, and that’s one of the main reasons I wanted to write this article.

If you or someone you know starts going down this dangerous deception that Anderson teaches, I want to point you to a much bigger brainiac, but someone who makes the complex so easy to understand: Dr. Michael Heiser.

So now without further delay, I give you this video which comes with a massive warning — do not get sucked in:

And now for the main reason I wanted to write this article….the counter balance!

I will say this….

To Christians who believe there is nothing Supernatural happening in the Bible or in our world today, I’m sorry to say but you just haven’t read or understood your Bible.

It is a supernatural book through and through.

And you’d better make sure you understand it and don’t get sucked into the wrong side!

So on that note, my friends, please enjoy these Bible-based and Christian teachings from one of the smartest Biblical scholars we’ve ever had, the late, great Dr. Michael Heiser:

He was known for so many teachings, but a key one was on the Divine Council:

He was also big on Genesis and the Fallen Angels we cover a lot here:

He’s perhaps best known for “Unseen Realm” and the Divine Rebellion (three in fact!).


If you’ve never seen this, you’re sure in for a treat:

So hard to pick a favorite:

One more:

A true giant.



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