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Businesswoman Scores Master Troll on Anthony Fauci


Arizona businesswoman Melissa Rein-Lively had an incredible opportunity when former NIAID Director Anthony Fauci walked into a DC restaurant while she was there.

Lively and filmmaker Greg Strause spotted Fauci with two bodyguards and managed to take a snapshot with the Big Pharma sales rep.

She landed arguably the best troll ever on Fauci.

Ada Lluch, who said she met Lively at CPAC, shared the hilarious photo of Lively flipping Fauci the bird.

“I met this fun lady at CPAC today. Her name is Melissa Rein Lively. Tonight she met Fauci in Washington DC and took this incredible picture with him. Everyone is jealous that they didn’t get to do it!” Lluch tweeted.

“In case you missed it in the first picture, this is why it’s so awesome. She did what 7,000,000,000 want to do!”

Lluch shared where you can find Melissa Rein-Lively on social media.

FACTZ reported that Lively is selling autographed photos of the hilarious snapshot.

“F**k Fauci, make money,” Lively said in video footage posted to FACTZ:

FACTZ broke the exclusive image yesterday of what the internet calls the “Fauci Finger.”

Now we have another exclusive to report, the image of the PR mastermind Melissa Lively flipping off Dr. Faui has reached 10,000 orders in 24 hours.

Lively, already wealthy, tells FACTZ, “If I could, I would sign and give these away for free, but I feel bad for my staff working overtime this weekend. Thank you, Gisele, for your hard work printing, shipping, and looking at Fauci’s decrepit face. It’s not easy.”

We asked Lively if she feels vindicated from all her past COVID drama. She tells FACTZ, “Yes, I have been fully vindicated for almost three years, living my best life. It’s just that now the ENTIRE WORLD knows it!”

Lively tells us every time she refreshes the company email, 100s of new autograph requests come in. FACTZ will keep you updated as CPAC street vendors are already printing shirts.

Our friends at The Gateway Pundit contacted Lively and Strause after the encounter:

On Saturday The Gateway Pundit contacted Eric and Melissa. Eric told us they were at the restaurant when Dr. Fauci walked in. No doubt, Fauci was expecting a standing ovation, instead he received the much-deserved feedback. According to Eric, Fauci’s bodyguards told him this was not the place for showing their objection to Fauci’s policies. Eric told the bodyguard, “I was not able to attend my father’s funeral because of this man!” Eric told security, “My father could not take Ivermectin because of this guy!”

Three years after the start of the pandemic we now see that the COVID-19 virus was made in a Wuhan lab funded by Dr. Fauci. Then he bribed scientists to not rat him out.

Today we also understand that Fauci’s policies ruined the economy, ruined business owners, ruined child development, destroyed our personal liberties, and ruined millions of lives.

It’s about time Fauci got a little feedback.


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