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WATCH: Ray Epps Caught Again On Newly Surfaced J6 Footage


Ray Epps is quite the curious figure. …

What are the odds that a specific individual would show up, time and time again, in footage from January 6th, 2021?

What are the odds that this same individual is almost always caught inciting others to action in footage captured from multiple, independent sources?

Epps can be seen across many pieces of footage encouraging protestors to storm the Capitol and escalating tension—again these are independently captured by people who don’t even know each other.

How can one figure show up so much, yet not have some central, pre-planned role?

Beyond his extremely high-profile behavior that day, Epps was reportedly on an FBI watchlist, but he had his name quietly scrubbed shortly after—presumably in exchange for work on behalf of the bureau.

This is corroborated by the now widely disseminated reports that Epps engaged in informant work or otherwise acted in an official capacity for the FBI.

We recently reported that 41,000 hours of previously unreleased January 6th footage was given to Tucker Carlson of Fox News and Epps doesn’t fail to show up in that footage either. …

Here he is pushing a sign into and onto the Capitol police:

The role of Ray Epps as a potential FBI informant has been a heavily scrutinized topic among journalists and lawmakers alike.

Previously, members of Congress questioned FBI officials about Epps’ status as an FBI informant, here’s the official FBI response:

The Gateway Pundit noted Epps’ appearance in the newly released footage:

Several Trump supporters sit in jail today for touching this sign as it passed over their heads.

Now there is a new video from a different angle of Ray Epps hurling the giant Trump sign at police on January 6.

Kyle Becker further analyzed and dissected the footage via his Substack:

Pope had earlier reported on Ray Epps and pointed out that while several protest participants who had pushed a Trump 2020 sign into police had been charged, Epps has thus far escaped all charges.

This is despite documented evidence that he was attempting to incite an insurrection the night before January 6, prompting chants that he was a “Fed.”

Epps had also talked to one of the initial protesters who had started the breach, Ryan Samsel, only moments before he lunged at a police barricade.

Who Is Ray Epps — And Why Does It Matter?

Have you heard the name Ray Epps?

You may not have, given there’s a complete blackout from the MSM.

But Tucker broke the story wide open and now it’s getting out there.

Let me bring you up to speed…

For all the innocent people out there being persecuted for J6, people who are just good, patriotic Americans who walked into the Capitol Building after the doors were OPENED FROM THE INSIDE…

Mind you, these are doors that weigh several thousand pounds and are electronically locked…

Doors that are nearly impossible outside of military-grade weapons to break into…

These doors were opened from the inside and police waived normal, patriotic Americans into the Capitol Building and now many of them are facing extreme persecution that is not American and not Constitutional by any stretch of the imagination…

While THESE Americans are being attacked, one man did much worse and he hasn’t been touched.

His name, or the name he uses at least, is Ray Epps.

And video after video exists of him actually inciting people to an “insurrection”…

So has Ray Epps been charged?


Not as far as anyone can tell.

Which of course leads many to question whether he was a Fed planted to push the narrative they wanted.

Oh my…

Watch this short clip as Kash and Devin Nunes break it all down on Rumble:

As I mentioned above, Tucker has done an excellent job exposing this.

Watch his breakdown of everything here:

Here is more video of Epps:

This is the most prevalent opinion out there:

And neither option is good:

MTG is on it as well, story is NOT going away:

More questions:

And from Wendy Rogers:


And a backup of the Tucker clip:


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