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English Teacher’s Explicit “Sexuality” Curriculum Approved by School


How many times have we heard about liberal teachers pushing gender identity and sexuality on our kids?

It’s bad enough that we have to shield our kids from indoctrination into the bizarro world of the Left’s anti-American version of history.

They want their innocence too!

An English teacher in Pennsylvania is just one of many so-called educators trying to corrupt our kids with sexually explicit material.

Fox News reported on the perv from Pennsylvania:

A Pennsylvania English teacher said he included close-up photographs of penises, vulvas, as well as a video of a woman ejaculating in an optional sexuality class, according to an interview. The school told Fox News Digital they were standing by him.

In his work as Sexuality Education Coordinator, Vernacchio teaches classes, organizes sexuality-themed programs and assemblies, and is one of the faculty advisors for the Gender and Sexual Orientation Alliance.

In an unearthed 2011 interview he gave to The New York Times Magazine, Vernacchio described his graphic lesson plans which he said have raised concerns outside the school. The teacher said his goal is to desensitize children to images of genitalia.

He wants to “desensitize children to images of genitalia.”

What a sick, disgusting, predatory thing to say!

I’m so tired of these creeps infiltrating the schools to corrupt and prey on our kids.

What’s worse is that the school supports him!

These sicko perverts are the real pandemic in this country!

An article for Salon shared more.

Philadelphia high school teacher Al Vernacchio covers the basics of anatomy and safe sex, but he also teaches students about pleasure. As in orgasms. As in, masturbation.

Oh, and by the way, the sex ed staple of those terrifying images of genital warts in their most extreme manifestations? He doesn’t show those. That’s because Vernacchio spurns what he calls the “disaster model.” He calls his brand of teaching “sex positive education.”

A sex-ed class that focuses on pleasure, orgasms, and masturbation but doesn’t present the real, and horrifying truths about STDs?

It makes me think maybe he’s taking his role as a sexual educator a little too far.

During the interview with Salon, Vernacchio defended his position as a school-wide sex educator to children as young as three!

I think one of the reasons I can do the work I do is I actually have a degree in human sexuality education.

I’m an uncle, I’m a godfather, I’ve taught thousands of kids in my time as a teacher. So I am often in a parental role, but I am not a parent.


You’re not in “a parental role.”

You’re in an educational role.

Let me tell you, I would be livid if I found out my child had been exposed to this guy’s grooming!

This is why so many Conservative parents are rallying for a parent’s bill of rights,

More and more, school districts and educators are trying to override the parents’ role!

For decades now Vernacchio has been parading as an “educator” while pushing the sexualization of children.

In an interview with Colorado Youth, he tells more about his history and his first teaching role.

I was raised Roman Catholic and as a young boy I was very devout. The church was the center of my life. I also figured out pretty early in my life that I was gay.

In my first teaching job, at an all boys Catholic school, I was assigned to teach a unit on human sexuality. I was very comfortable talking about sexuality and teaching it to students who were so hungry for information and guidance.

Yeah, I just bet!

A young gay man teaching sex ed at an all-boys Catholic school.

What could go wrong?

What’s more, is that he’s so open about sexualizing children!

He calls kids as young as three years old “sexual beings.”

And he even compares sex to pizza.

Why does that sound familiar…

This is just sick!

They aren’t even trying to hide from it anymore.

An article in Philly Mag took a peek inside “Mr. V’s” classroom, which is filled with pizza-themed items.

IT’S A WARM DAY in April — the first of the year that feels like spring — and a chatty “Mr. V” welcomes his ninth-grade students as they file into his sunlit classroom. There’s a lot here to catch the eye. The walls are covered in pizza paraphernalia: plush toys, stickers, key chains. Atop the bookshelves are pillows shaped like testicles and uteruses.

Vernacchio teaches comprehensive sex ed, meaning he discusses the full scope of issues surrounding sex: STDs and pregnancy, of course, but also porn literacy, consent, pleasure, LGBTQ and gender issues, sexting, and other information that tends to slip through the cracks in most classrooms.

For such a wide-ranging curriculum to work, Vernacchio says, it must start young: A successful, holistic sex education reaches from elementary school to graduation.

A pizza-themed sex-ed classroom?

Sex education starting in elementary school?

You’ve got to be kidding me!

But, no. It’s true.

And he’s not the only one pushing for this!

A director at Planned Parenthood thinks babies are sexual!

Fox News shared more:

An executive director at a Planned Parenthood’s sex education arm claimed that children are born “sexual” while simultaneously advocating for comprehensive sex education from kindergarten through 12th grade and porn literacy for certain ages, Fox News Digital found.

Planned Parenthood said in a guide entitled the “Fundamentals of Teaching Sexuality” that “sexuality is a part of life through all the ages and stages. Babies, elders, and everyone in between can experience sexuality.”

He says a baby can experience sexuality.

How is this man not locked up already?

These sickos have to be stopped.

There’s no place for this kind of thinking around our kids!


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