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Engineered Collapse? The Federal Government’s Plan To Shoot Cattle From Helicopters


I fancy myself a comedian and a jokester, but I can’t make this type of stuff up folks. …

The federal government announced on Thursday of last week that agents in helicopters will begin shooting feral cattle in mass.

Why? To protect the environment of course!

Officials claim that the feral cattle are causing erosion and sedimentation with their hoofs and are affecting river systems. They also went on to say that these feral cattle pose somewhat of a threat to people who encounter them. …

Imagine proposing and funding a scheme to shoot cattle at a time of historically high inflation, supply-chain issues, and a looming food crisis. …

How many millions will this entire endeavor cost?

The U.S. military apparatus and China are the top polluters in the world, it isn’t feral cattle, your car, or turning your thermostat up 3 degrees so you don’t freeze to death. …

Virtually all environmental efforts focused on changing the consumption habits of everyday, normal individuals, i.e. the general public, are fraudulent and should be viewed with every ounce of suspicion.

Those who purportedly care for the environment would do much better if their proposed regulations targeted these two entities mentioned above, instead of pushing for us to eat bugs and kill off gas-powered cars.

The backlash came from conservatives and liberals alike:

The Associated Press broke the story:

The Gila National Forest issued the decision amid pressure from environmental groups who raised concerns about nearly 150 cattle whose hooves and mouths are damaging streams and rivers.

Ranchers, meanwhile, have criticized the plan to shoot cows from a helicopter as animal cruelty. They said the action violates federal regulations and will be problematic when carcasses are left to rot.

Vegans, animal-rights activists and the like are expressing dismay at the recent announcement and the policy direction of the government when it comes to the ‘feral’ cattle issue:

Western Journal adds:

There is also the argument from the ranchers that the plan is cruel and inhumane. “Our society should be better than this,” Tom Paterson of the New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association said in a statement.

“We can be more creative and do it a better way where you’re not wasting an economic resource.”

Meanwhile, according to NBC, ranchers are also worried that the wolves who eat the carcasses of the dead animals will become used to eating cattle and will come closer to ranches in order to find more to eat.


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