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UPDATE: Revival Continuing To Spread, Now 20 Campuses, Even To California!


The Revival that started in Kentucky seems to be spreading!

And it’s such a wonderful thing to see.

I will continue to monitor and give updates because I love seeing them and covering them probably as much as you enjoy watching them!

Let’s jump right into seeing some updates…

Here is outside the Asbury college chapel:

Graham Allen reports the revival has spread to over 20 different college campuses:

More here….


From our friends over at TheGatewayPundit:

I love this summary, so true…

Keep it SIMPLE and keep it focused on Jesus:

Then we have a #MarchForJesus in California of all places!

So much better than the BLM marches that destroyed cities all across America.

More of this please!

Here was the update from just yesterday:

Revival Is Spreading Beyond Asbury College!

Last week revival broke out as Asbury College….and never stopped!

More info on that below.

But now it’s spreading across the country.

Check out Samford in Alabama from last night:

So awesome!

Sound up!

Love this testimony:

Do you know your history?


From Max Lucado:

Now includes 21 colleges!


Hearts on fire:

Azuza 2.0? Asbury Revival Is On Day Five!

I just said it last night and I’ll say it again right now…

You are LIVING through history and it’s an incredible time to be alive!

Most don’t even realize it.

Many have heard of the Azuza Street Revival from decades ago….

What you may not realize is that a new Azuza is happening right now.

And even Tucker Carlson just covered it tonight!

Take a look:

It’s on Day 5 and it’s not stopping….

It started with a normal Worship Service that just never ended.

And now it looks like this:

More here:

Look at this!

Revival is our ONLY hope….YES!

More here:

Truly incredible:

Here is more history:

This is the Bible verse they are claiming and rallying behind:

People are now driving in from all over:

How amazing is this?

Speaking of revival, have you seen this?

Do you know this story?

REVEALED: Donald Trump’s Revival Bible!

Sometimes there is a lot of “doom and gloom” to cover…

And that’s just the way it is.

I don’t make the news, I just report on it.

But whenever I can, I look for the stories that will brighten your day, bring a smile to your face, and remind you that God is Good….always!

Never forget that.

It seems President Trump never forgot that either.

This is a flashback to 2015, but what a wonderful trip down memory lane it is!

Here is President Trump showing off his personal Bible, with handwritten notes inside from his mother.

Enjoy this short clip:

And I can’t post that without showing you “….the REST of the story…” as Paul Harvey would say!


The Untold Story of Donald Trump’s Revival Bible

I thought it was really important right now to focus on so many of the things you may have forgotten about Donald Trump and his history…

Because I guarantee you this stuff matters more than you know!

I absolutely love this story!

It’s the story of Donald Trump’s Bible.

Or maybe more accurately, Donald Trump’s mother’s Bible.

It’s only 5 minutes but it’s an INCREDIBLE story.

Here’s what Bethel’s Danny Silk had to say about it:

Is God up to something?

The God of eternity puts things into action generations before we see them. He is always working all things together for our good regardless of what we think is happening. Nothing catches Him by surprise.

This video can open up your understanding. God can open up your heart to see. If you will step out of the current narrative and ask God to show you what He is doing, I think you will find a new way to see even 2020.


Ok now please watch and enjoy.

Most everyone I know has to watch it twice.

You think you know where it’s going, but then it has twists and turns and you need to really watch it twice to understand the full story.

From Rumble:

So….is the story true?

I don’t know.

I wasn’t there, were you?

I suspect the Fact-Checkers will be out in full force trigger happy to label it “False!”

You know that old phrase “those who protest the loudest?”

Yeah, those are the Fact-Checkers.

In fact (no pun intended) I know when they label something as “False” it means we’re probably hitting very close to the truth and they’re in damage control mode.

So is it true?

I don’t know, but I know each time I have watched that video a powerful wave of emotion wells up from deep within me, and I DO know what that is.

That, my friends, is the Holy Spirit.

So is this story true?

Watch for yourself and see what the Holy Spirit says to YOU about it.

And in case that original link gets blocked or banned or deleted, here is a backup:


From Rumble:


And DO NOT forget these moments…

I do not recall ANY other President giving Glory and Honor and Praise to Jesus Christ, do you?

Oh plenty talk about “God” but the secret is they mean something very different than you or I do when we say that.

And that’s why they NEVER praise Jesus.

But Trump does.



President Trump Gives All Honor and Praise To Jesus Christ [TWICE Now]

I just saw this shared by our good friends over at il Donaldo Trumpo…you guys are awesome!

And after seeing this posted by them, I realized I had to share it with you.

Because here’s something I hear quite a bit…

I hear people saying: “I like Donald Trump’s policies, I just don’t agree with his tone or the way he says things.”

And my response is always two-fold:

(1) without a tone that cuts through the filter of the MSM, Donald Trump would never have beat 17 Republican challengers and dethroned the house of Bush, the house of Clinton and now the house of Cheney.

So I have no problem with his “tone” whatsoever.

In fact, I think we need more people who speak honestly and speak truth to power, not just whisper lies that your ears want to hear but then have no intention of actually doing them.

When people say they don’t like his “tone”, all I hear is:  “we love being lied to by politicians because they speak so sweetly with forked tongues and it makes us feel so good and then we forget that everything they’ve ever said turns out to be a lie.”

Sorry folks, I’ll take the “mean tone” together with TRUTH all day long.

That’s (1).

(2) I always wonder, have you ever actually listed to Donald Trump?  Ever actually listened to a full rally?  Ever listened to a full interview?

Because for those of that have, we continually see a man who has a tough exterior when he needs to be tough, but deep down truly a heart of gold.

Truly a “gentle giant”.

And there is no better example of this than the recent clip shared by il Donaldo.

Watch as President Trump says “our country needs a savior…and it has one”.

Now, everyone in the room is expecting “arrogant Trump” to say it’s him.

But that’s not what he says at all.

He says very clearly that it’s someone “much higher up than him.”

So good.

Watch on Rumble:

Think that was a one-off?

Just saying that because he was in church?

Think again.

Here is yet another clip of President Trump giving all honor and credit to “the Boss…..Jesus Christ!”

Joe Biden has “10% for the Big Guy”.

President Trump says “we still need help from The Boss!”

Watch here on Rumble:

And there’s always one guy who ruins the party right?

The Poindexter.

The Dork.

Well, today the Dork Award goes to “NotSorry” who posted this:

Yeah bud, that was a 12 second clip.

For the full 2 minute clip, you’ll see he says exactly that: all honor goes to Jesus Christ!

And then he says while laughing: “and it’s not even close!”

You gotta love it.

SIGN THE PETITION: We Need National Voter ID!

You just gotta love that big smile!!!

Watch the FULL clip here on Rumble:

Don’t you miss this?

I know I do!

Mr. Trump, it’s time to come back!


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