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US Followed Chinese Spy Balloon Long Before it Entered Airspace


The story just continues to spin, doesn’t it?

First, they said the balloon wasn’t a threat.

Then, they took it down.

But they had to attack Trump, claiming these spy balloons flew over the US all the time during his presidency.


But they never said anything….?

Then they took down multiple objects three days in a row.

They left us in suspense.

Aliens? More spy balloons? Something else?

Meanwhile, trains are derailing, Epstein’s list is on its way to the public, Biden’s treasure trove of classified documents….

Finally, they gave us answers….sort of.

The three objects they shot down weren’t a threat. Totally benign.


But what were they?


China fired back that US balloons flew over their airspace all the time.

According to Reuters,

Beijing says its balloon was a civilian research vessel mistakenly blown off course, and that Washington overreacted.

This week, China countered that U.S. balloons had flown over its airspace without permission more than 10 times on round-the-world flights since May 2022.

The White House has disputed China’s allegations.

Now, we’re learning the US tracked the balloon long before it entered our airspace.

According to The Independent,

The US had been tracking the Chinese spy balloon ever since it left Hainan Island near China’s south coast – meaning it was under surveillance for almost a week before it entered American airspace, according to unnamed officials.

The Washington Post has now reported that US intelligence agencies were monitoring the balloon as soon as it left its base on Hainan Island and began charting its flight path to the US territory of Guam.

Officials told the paper they are exploring the possibility that it was indeed an accident for China to fly over North American airspace.

The revelation comes as the White House announced on Tuesday that the three other objects shot down by American fighter jets were likely used for commercial or other “benign” purposes.

Maybe it never really was a threat?

Could it be?

Who knows!

It’s not like we can trust a single thing that comes out of Biden’s mouth.

(or understand it)

So, what does this mean?

Was this all a distraction?

Look over here!

Meanwhile, this TikTok video shows China appearing to mock the US in the whole balloon fiasco:

And now China is vowing to take countermeasures.

Time had this to say,

China warned that it will retaliate against the U.S. over violations of its sovereignty, potentially escalating a lingering dispute just as both nations’ foreign ministers plan to attend a security conference in Germany.

At a briefing Wednesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin repeated Beijing’s view that the Chinese balloon downed by a U.S. jet off the South Carolina coast this month had inadvertently floated over the country after being blown off course. He criticized the Biden administration’s decision to take it out and said the move would have consequences.

My head is spinning as fast as they’re spinning the story.

Was this all a distraction or did they just get caught being stupid?

It could really go either way!

What are your thoughts?



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