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Turning The Tables On Call Center Scammers!


This is something we’ve never covered before, but I guarantee you are going to absolutely love it!

I am obsessed.

Ok, so here’s the deal…

We’ve all received annoying spam calls on our phones, right?

It’s bad enough when they are just trying to sell you a new car warranty — does anyone else get a bunch of those, or is it just me?

“Hi, we’re calling to tell you your vehicle’s warranty is about to expire…”


So annoying.

But it’s a whole other level when the call is also a SCAM.

Or when they claim to be from the IRS and threaten you with going to jail.

Ever gotten one of those?

Even if you know it’s fake, even when you know it’s not true…it is still very unnerving.

And no offense to the Indian people reading this, but the scams almost ALWAYS come from India.  Always a guy with an Indian accent.  It’s just the truth.

In fact, here’s the real truth: most of the scam calls come from the same place…the Genesis Building, 11th Floor in India.

How do I know that?

Because a really awesome group of (good guy) hackers who run the YouTube channel “Scammer Payback” have been tracking these frauds and fighting back.

Since the FBI is busy colluding against Donald Trump and can’t do it’s job, these guys are doing it for them.

For real.

And it’s freaking awesome!

I somehow stumbled upon their channel and I’m absolutely obsessed.

Isn’t there something awesome about watching the good guys fight back and win?

So here’s what they do…

They get the scammers on the phone and use a voice modifier to sound like a little old lady — in other words, the perfect target for these scammers.

They play along but while they’re doing it the good guys are hacking into the scammers computers at the same time!

They find out information about them, activate their webcams and take their pictures, steal files off their computers, delete files off their computers….

It’s just completely awesome!

Oh, and here’s the main point: each time they fight back, and each scammer they put out of business or scare enough to quit, is one less scum of the Earth who might scam YOUR grandmother out of real money.

Thousands of dollars.

Because that’s what they do.

Imagine living your whole life, saving, being on social security, having a tight budget to live on, and then you suddenly get thousands stolen from you.

It happens over and over and over, and so I say GOD BLESS the good guy hackers who are going vigilante style and taking these people down!

The FBI can’t do their job, so these guys do it for them — and much better.

I’m going to start with a couple of my favorites.

This one is where he tells the scammer to his face that he knows he’s currently on the 11th Floor of the Genesis Building in India….and you’re going to love the response.


And just a note on the whole Indian thing…

Unfortunately, I have never received a scam call from anywhere other than a guy with a huge Indian accent.

Now we know why.

It’s not a racist thing, it’s just the truth.

And props to this guy who IS Indian for saying this:

Exactly right my friend!

Ok, now another one, check this out…

In this next one he suddenly calls the scammer by his real name.

Can you imagine?

You think you’re in India using a fake name and running a scam and you think no one will ever find you or hold you to justice….and then the person on the other line uses your real full name.


Watch here:

There are so many favorites, I’ll just share a couple more.

I love this one….

Bye bye files:

And another…

Instant meltdown:


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