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FLASHBACK: DARPA Funded Pfizer to Conduct Vaccine Research


Clayton Morris of Redacted had an explosive report last month revealing claims that the Department of Defense controlled the COVID-19 program from the very beginning.

Was COVID-19 ‘Pandemic’ a Department of Defense Operation Dating to Obama Era?

“According to newly-obtained documents, the Pentagon used a combination of shady approval authorizations that are still in use, including the PREP Act, the emergency use authorization, and other transaction authority (the OTA), all of which shielded Big Pharma, agencies, medical participants that delivered unregulated vaccines from any liability and protected them,” Morris explained.

If these claims are true, it means everything we’ve been told about COVID-19 from the very beginning was political theater.

Although many people may already assume COVID-19 was political theater, or a plandemic, the levels of corruption appear to go further than anyone imagined.

Morris was joined by Sasha Latypova, the former executive of a pharmaceutical contract research organization, who discussed what she found in the FOIA documents.




It appears it was no coincidence that Moderna and Pfizer were the vaccine manufacturers responsible for the 'groundbreaking' mRNA COVID-19 shots.

Both companies have reportedly received funding from DARPA, the research and development agency of the U.S. Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.

In regard to Moderna, reports specifically mention DARPA funding the company for mRNA 'vaccine' development.

From Fierce Biotech:

Moderna Therapeutics, the company pioneering messenger RNA therapeutics™, a revolutionary new treatment modality to enable the in vivo production of therapeutic proteins, announced today that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded the company up to $25 million to research and develop its messenger RNA therapeutics™ platform as a rapid and reliable way to make antibody-producing drugs to protect against a wide range of known and unknown emerging infectious diseases and engineered biological threats.

Pfizer's reported DARPA funding is more ambiguous.

A 2013 report, the same year as the Moderna article above, said Pfizer received a $7.7 million contract from DARPA to conduct 'groundbreaking vaccine research.'

Fierce Pharma reported:

Vaccines have basically worked the same way for decades. A pathogen antigen is isolated, used as the basis of a vaccine and administered to the patient. The Pentagon thinks there might be a better way of doing things, and it has tasked Pfizer ($PFE) with investigating its hunch.

News of the project emerged after the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)--the research arm of the Pentagon--awarded Pfizer a three-year, $7.7 million contract. Details of the research are scarce, but what DARPA has revealed implies it wants to cut response times to pandemic or bioterrorism threats by eliminating several of the steps currently needed to confer immunity.

"Pfizer shall perform a research and development program designed to develop a technology platform to identify and subsequently induce the production of protective antibodies to an emerging pathogen directly in an infected or exposed individual," the Department of Defense wrote in its roundup of recent contracts.

The Motley Fool noted:

Incidentally, if Pfizer is successful in this work, its research could have significant applications in the civilian world as well.

Pfizer's DARPA contract will run through Dec. 8, 2016.

Was this contract for mRNA 'vaccine' research?

It's unclear since "details of the research are scarce."

Watch this clip of Dr. Peter McCullough explaining how the military concocted the idea of mRNA 'vaccines,' not Pfizer or Moderna.


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