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Why Did Jill Biden Kiss Kamala Harris’ Husband at the State of the Union?


Get ready for the “Smooch of the Union!”

The First Lady and the Second Gentleman have taken the internet by storm with their unexpected kiss at the State of the Union address.

As Jill Biden made her way towards Doug Emhoff, cameras captured the two exchanging a kiss on the lips.

But what was it?

A warm greeting between political allies or an awkward hug gone wrong? The video has set the internet ablaze, with Twitter users divided on the kiss.

Some are scandalized, while others are finding the whole thing amusing.

Take a look below:

No matter what angle you watch it from, it appears as though Jill Biden really did kiss Kamala Harris’ husband ON THE LIPS.


In *some* cultures, it’s normal to do a kiss on the cheek, on the back of the hand, on the forehead, or to even make a kissing noise while hugging.

But a kiss on the lips?!

On live TV?!

The New York Post confirms:

Smooch of the Union.

First lady Jill Biden and second gentleman Doug Emhoff greeted each other with a kiss on the lips before the president’s State of the Union address Tuesday.

Footage captured Biden shaking hands as she made her way through the crowded chambers toward Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband.

No one in the immediate vicinity seemed fazed by the kiss between the president’s wife and vice president’s husband. The group continued to clap through the peculiar pecking order.

Folks, I can guarantee you one thing:

If Melania Trump kissed ANYONE other than President Trump on the lips, it would be headline news everywhere.

The media would be questioning their relationship and marriage.

So how is it that the entire DC Establishment and mainstream media seem totally unfazed by this kiss?!

The moment was so scandalous that foreign press is covering it.

Over in the UK, the Independent reports:

One of the stranger moments from Joe Biden’s second State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday evening came when his wife, First Lady Dr Jill Biden, approached her seat in the gallery and encountered Doug Emhoff, husband of vice president Kamala Harris.

Making her way along the row past applauding guests, Dr Biden held the second gentlemen’s hand before the pair exchanged a friendly kiss, after which the first lady slid past Mr Emhoff and shook hands with Irish rock star Bono and Paul Pelosi, the husband of former House speaker Nancy Pelosi who is in recovery after recently being attacked in his home by an intruder.

This brief moment has since been described by The New York Post as a “cosy display” which added that “no one in the immediate vicinity seemed fazed by the kiss”.

That has not been the case on social media, however, where C-Span and Fox footage of the moment has gone viral, prompting excitable conservative commentators to make a federal case out of it.

“Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff greet each other with… a kiss on the lips? Is this… normal?” asked shocked Daily Wire editor Cabot Phillips after sharing the clip on Twitter.

“ARE U KIDDING ME? In front of God and country! Who does that?” fumed Doris Gentry, a former vice mayor of Napa, California, apparently.

Again, we all know that if Melania Trump had done this, there would be widespread outrage.

So what do you think?

Was this an innocent moment? An innocent greeting?

Or is there more to this than meets the eye?

Let us know in the comments below!


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