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‘I Must Be Destroyed’ Failed Trans Terrorist Seeks Euthanasia


Last week we told you about another case of a transgender man wanting the government’s assistance in ending their life after sex change regret.

Now yet another mentally unstable trans individual has come forward seeking assisted suicide on the Canadian taxpayer’s dime.


Ryan Skillen, now named Savannah Meadows, was previously charged with placing a bomb by a communications tower on Sept. 8, 2002 in Barrie, Ontario.

Originally, Skillen had ran a wire through a wooded path which was as a popular shortcut for local students.

The amount of destruction could have been unfathomable but luckily the bomb went off prematurely.

Skillen lost two fingers on his left hand, caused shrapnel to be embedded into his leg and soaked himself with gasoline.

20 years later he told his story to New Market Today:

“As I walked through the streets of Barrie, carrying this bomb in a shopping bag, I thought about the people who have hurt me in my life,”

The deranged man soon fixated on killing police instead and headed toward the Barrie OPP police station but accidently detonated the device.

“As I was coming along a trail from Bayfield toward Rose Street, a branch caught the fishing line attached to the trigger of the bomb, it snagged the fishing line, pulling it and setting the bomb off while I was walking with it.”

Canada is known for its its inadequate punishments and Skillen only received 18 months in prison and was ordered to seek psychiatric help.

Skillen continued:

“I’ve been called so many names: psychopath, terrorist, mad bomber, criminal, crazy, insane, narcissistic, deranged, and other names like that.

Throughout my life, I’ve put great fear into many people, including the police.

I would then spend the next 10 years going through my transition from male to female, including getting both breast augmentation and vaginoplasty surgeries,Sadly, none of this did anything to help reduce the ever-constant, ever-growing pain inside me. Like a volcano exploding and spewing lava and rocks in all directions, my anger and my rage often explodes on very undeserving people.”

Skillen also collects Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) because he said keeping a job is difficult.

“I live a parasitic lifestyle, which I’m not proud of. I depend on others for my survival. I lean on them like I had a broken leg and they were my crutches.”


As Skillen tries to navigate MAID, the Canadian Government’s assisted suicide program, he says he is a warrior and his mind a battlefield.

“With barely any structure remaining untouched or undamaged. … It cannot be fixed. It’s been damaged beyond repair. The building can no longer support life. It must be destroyed. I must be destroyed.

I wish to advocate for others like myself who suffer immensely and without any relief. I wish to be the voice, the poster girl for MAID for mental health.”

And so the cycle of pushing trans ideology on the mentally ill and then offering them suicide continues in the Great White North.


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