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Woke Disney Cartoon Pushes Reparations and Anti-White Agenda


Whatever happened to the cartoons we grew up watching?

You know, the ones that didn’t try to indoctrinate us.

Disney’s The Proud Family released a new episode packed with anti-white, anti-America, Black Lives Matter, woke nonsense.

It’s bad enough that the school systems try to shove this down our kids’ throats, but even Saturday-morning cartoons are coming for the next generation.

Here’s what The Gateway Pundit said about the episode:

Woke Disney is teaching our children to be angry young communists, who hate themselves and hate their own country.

In one of its upcoming episodes, “Juneteenth,” 14-year-old Penny and her friends decide to learn more about Juneteenth’s importance in her fictional town of Smithville, California. After digging deeper into Smithville’s history, they discover that the city’s founder was a slave owner.

In another scene, Penny and her friends were delivering a speech during which they claimed that “this country was built on slavery, which means slaves built this country.”

The Disney show smears Abraham Lincoln and tells children that he DID NOT free the slaves. What disgusting propaganda!

The show even promotes the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie.

I watched a few clips from the show and all I can say is what a mess!

Here’s a clip where the cartoon characters demand reparations:


Look, there’s no arguing that our kids should learn the history of slavery and its end.

But, let’s not forget that it was over a hundred years ago.

And those seeking payment now (and those who would foot the bill) are so far removed from their ancestors that the reward and punishment have no merit.

Newbreak shares more about a recent meeting of California’s Reparation Task Force:

The Reparations Task Force has been meeting throughout California to help state officials examine how slavery and systemic racism have harmed African Americans and how the state should respond.

The Freedmen Affairs Agency would process claims for reparations and work with various state agencies to handle other recommendations.

Task force members also appeared to agree Friday that there will be some form of a state residency requirement for people to be eligible for compensation for the harms caused by slavery and racism. But the parameters of the residency requirements remain undecided.

For example, it remains unclear if people who suffered from one of the task force’s designated five categories of harm while living in California, but have since moved out of state, would be eligible for reparations.

Those five categories of harm against Black people include the unjust taking of properties, devaluation of Black businesses, housing discrimination, mass incarceration and health harm.

They’re not only seeking payback for enslaved ancestors.

Now it’s an open call for anything deemed harmful, racist, or discriminatory.

So what is a fair price?

Well, some say $200,000 isn’t even close.

It sounds like a money grab to me.

And it’s the same belief that runs through The Proud Family episode.

Fox News has more on the demand:

Reverend Tony Pierce came to the microphone and slammed the idea of limiting the cash payouts to California residents: “There should be no residency requirements for California! We have to encourage our people to come back to California! What better way to encourage our people to come back to California if we have no requirements?”

“How will reparations be paid?” he added. “Immediately!”

After being told that his time is up, Pierce yelled at the audience, “And $200,000 is not enough! $223,000 is not enough!”

However, a big problem is that it pushes the “us versus them” belief at the heart of racism.

And these discussions are not just happening in committee meetings.

They’re happening in the cartoons our kids are watching.

But it’s not just race-based payments on the table these days –

Like climate reparations and even those for poorly treated members of the LGBTQ community.

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ETX View calls this a Pandora’s Box:

Now a notion that President Barack Obama once rejected as impractical is becoming public policy. California offers a dramatic example as officials there review a proposal that could pay in excess of $1 million each to some black residents, while more than a dozen U.S. municipalities are moving ahead with their own race-based programs to redress the legacies of slavery.

But the reparations movement is bigger and wider than that. Its rise in the United States has inspired a global movement committed to redressing perceived historical injustices to all manner of aggrieved groups. The causes include gay reparations, climate reparations, colonial reparations, university reparations – and Roman Catholic Church reparations for officially sanctioning colonization, slavery, and genocide in the New World.

Some warn that reparations open a controversial and bottomless Pandora’s Box, given history’s long catalogue of official policies that criminalized or discriminated against sex workers, polygamists, Jews, Catholics, Slavs, and the Roma, among a vast array of potential claimants.

Will reparations continue to pit one group against another in this country?

What are your thoughts?


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