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High-Altitude Balloons Considered Key “Delivery Platform” For Secret Nuclear Strikes, Intelligence Officials Say


An alleged Chinese spy balloon is floating across the continental United States.

BREAKING: Pentagon Tracking Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Over Montana

According to the Pentagon, the "high-altitude surveillance balloon" is "currently over the center of the continental United States."

In a report published by the Washington Examiner, intelligence officials previously said high-altitude balloons, like the Chinese one floating over the continental United States, are a key "delivery platform" for "secret nuclear strikes on America’s electric grid."

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said the alleged spy balloon is a “civilian airship used for research.”


And we're supposed to believe them?

From the Washington Examiner:

Spy balloons, used by Japan to drop bombs during World War II, are now far more sophisticated, can fly at up to 200,000 feet, evade detection, and can carry a small nuclear bomb that, if exploded in the atmosphere, would shut down the grid and wipe out electronics in a many-state-wide area.

The threat of balloon-launched electromagnetic pulse attacks was warned about by a congressional EMP commission and inside the military several years ago.

In a 2015 report for the American Leadership & Policy Foundation, Air Force Maj. David Stuckenberg, one of the nation’s leading EMP experts, wrote extensively about the threat balloons carrying bombs pose to national security.

“Using a balloon as a WMD/WME platform could provide adversaries with a pallet of altitudes and payload options with which to maximize offensive effects against the U.S.,” he wrote in the report.

“A high altitude balloon could be designed, created, and launched in a matter of months. There is nothing to prevent several hundred pounds of weapons material from being delivered to altitude,” he added.

On Friday, he told Secrets, "China’s recent balloon flyover of the United States is clearly a provocative and aggressive act. It was most likely a type of dry run meant to send a strategic message to the USA. We must not take this for granted.”

The Biden administration has decided against shooting down the balloon.

However, President Trump said he would take a different strategy.


The alleged spy balloon is expected to continue making its way across the continental United States.

Joe Biden wasn't interested in telling reporters how he would handle the balloon.

Read the 2015 American Leadership & Policy Foundation report below:



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