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An Update On My “Call For Help” [From Noah]


Hey everyone!

Noah here with an update for you…

All I can say is “WOW”…I’m blown away!

Let me first back up for a minute and summarize the story in case you missed it yesterday (UPDATE will be posted at the very bottom).

Last night I posted a “Call For Help”.

No, I wasn’t in any danger…

It was a call to find some rockstars who want to join a new Inner Circle I’m setting up.

I’m starting up something brand new and I’m really excited about it!

I’m partnering with a company that’s been in business for over 30+ years and we’re launching something really awesome!

But here’s the deal…

My time and energy is already maxed out with everything we do here.

I literally work 12 hour days every day even on the weekends and I don’t have too much extra capacity to put into this thing.

So…I’m forming an Inner Circle Team to run this project with me!

I can’t tell you everything about it right now, but I can tell you this:

Yes, it’s paid (with opportunity to do really well)…

All training is included to make it really easy…

Here’s a full list of details:

Here’s the only “catch”…

We may only do this “Call For Help” once and then never again.

I am looking to bring about 10-15 people onto my team and I expect with 4 million readers of this article that we’ll get a lot more than that who are interested.

So if you’re interested, please don’t miss this.

It’s limited spots and might be a limited one-time call only.

I’m giving all the details on a Zoom call this Saturday at 1pm Eastern / 12pm noon Central time.

If you miss that Zoom, you might miss your only opportunity to join the Inner Circle.

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you and give you plenty of advance notice, ok?

Sign up here (I think the Zoom may be limited to 200 people, so make sure you’re one of the first to claim a spot):

Attending the Zoom call does not guarantee you a spot on the Inner Circle, but missing the Zoom call will likely keep you off the team for sure.

So…who is a good fit?

To paraphrase the legendary Jeff Foxworthy….”you may be qualified if….” 👇

Sign up for the Feb. 4th Zoom Call here 👉

Watch this video for more details:

Backup on YouTube here if that’s easier:

And Rumble here:

Drop a comment down below and let me know if I will see YOU on the Zoom call…

I’ll see you there!

And now for the update…

I wasn’t quite sure how this would go, but less than 24 hours later over 200 people have signed up for our Zoom call on Saturday!

Oh my!

We are off to an amazing start!

Listen to my short update here:

Backup on Rumble here:

So, what does this mean for you?

A couple things…

First, it means we will probably only do this once.

There will most likely not be a second Zoom call.

That’s not guaranteed, but it’s looking right now like we’ll only do this once.

What about the 100 person limit?

Good question.

Yes, I do believe the Zoom call is limited to 100 people…

I’m checking on that to confirm, but to be safe you want to make sure you get to the Zoom EARLY on Saturday.

If too many people get locked out, I’ll try to do a second call at another time, but I can’t guarantee that so do everything you can to make it on this one!

It’s not too late to register, even right now.

But don’t wait and don’t miss out, or you might regret it!

Sign up for the Feb. 4th Zoom Call here 👉

From 4 million readers, to 200+ people registered, we will then pick 10-20 of the best and brightest…

Will you make the cut?

I hope so because I am so excited to start working with this new team!

We’re going to have a ton of fun, we’re going to work hard but not crazy (10 hours a week), and we’re going to make GOOD MONEY doing it!

How good does that sound?

I’ll see ya on Saturday!

Register here or forever hold your peace 👉


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