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Republican Booted From Committee Over “Trumped Up” Charges?


We’re going local for a minute.

We usually focus on national politics here at WeLoveTrump but a reader alerted me to something happening in South Dakota.

Republican State Senator Julie Frye-Mueller has been booted off a committee she was serving on over claims of “harassment”.

But are the charges valid?

Or “Trumped up”?

And I put that in quotes because upon first glance this feels like another railroad witch-hunt where the left simply goes after anyone they don’t like….like Trump.

The Epoch Times reports she was booted from the Committee without revealing the exact charges:

Here’s more from our friends at The Epoch Times:

In a rare move, the South Dakota Senate suspended a conservative GOP state senator on Jan. 26 while not revealing the allegations against her.

Sen. Julie Frye-Mueller alleged that she’s been punished after speaking to a legislative research staffer earlier this week about her views on vaccinations.

“It has come to my attention that the issue may involve a conversation I had with staff, where I promoted my well-known stance on medical freedom and the ability of individuals to choose the best courts of medical treatment for themselves,” the senator said at a Thursday press conference.

Frye-Mueller, who has opposed vaccination requirements in schools, said she did not bring up the COVID-19 vaccine during her exchange with the aide.

The Republican-controlled Senate ended up voting 27-6 to form a committee to investigate Frye-Mueller’s conduct and in the meantime suspend her from voting or holding other rights of an elected official. Republican legislative leaders refused to comment Thursday on the allegations that led to them suspending the Senate rules and stripping their colleague of her ability to represent her constituents.

Frye-Mueller said she has not been formally presented with the allegations against her.

“I have a right to defend myself. … I know there’s an agenda behind this,” Frye-Mueller said on the Senate floor. “I have not seen anything at all that I’ve supposedly done.”

The South Dakota legislator has now been removed from the two committee assignments, Senate Local Government and Senate Health and Human Services, that she previously sat on.

The state’s legislature has become deeply divided in recent years. One of the battlegrounds between staunch conservative members and Republicans who support the political establishment has been over separate proposals to limit requirements for the COVID-19 vaccine and childhood vaccines.

‘Serious Allegations’

Sen. Michael Rohl, the Republican lawmaker who initiated the motion to suspend Frye-Mueller, said in a statement that it was based on “serious allegations” and had been made to ensure the Legislature was creating a safe work environment for employees. He likened the Senate’s suspension to the move a business owner or human resources department would make when allegations are raised.

“The Senate will operate swiftly and diligently through the process of an investigation and provide the opportunity for due process to all parties involved,” Rohl said.

The chamber’s Republican leader, Sen. Casey Crabtree, said the legislative punishment was “brought after a lot of serious thought,” but offered little else on the allegations. Another high-ranking Republican, Sen. Lee Schoenbeck, said it was meant to “protect the decorum” of the law-making body.


From MSN (and watch how they describe her as FAR-RIGHT!  Translation: probably just someone who loves America, freedom, liberty and the Constitution….but that’s Far-Right these days):

The state legislature has been consumed by a bizarre scandal after a lawmaker allegedly stepped way over the line and gave a staffer unsolicited advice on COVID vaccines and breast-feeding, including a suggestion that she suckle her husband.

Frye-Mueller, who belongs to a far-right caucus, is now suing to get her voting rights restored—even as the unnamed staffer released jaw-dropping new details about their conversation on Monday.

In a statement, the staffer, who works for the Legislative Research Council, said Frye-Mueller and her husband came into her office on Jan. 24. She said that after discussing the draft of a bill, the senator asked about her baby son and whether she had been vaccinated.

“I told her ‘yes.’ Without allowing me to elaborate further, she proceeded to point her finger at me and aggressively say that this will cause him issues,” the staffer said. She said added that Frye-Mueller told her people are being used as “guinea pigs for Big Pharma,” warned that was she was “taking away God’s gift of immunity from your son,” and falsely claimed the child could get Down syndrome or autism or “die from those vaccines.”

The staffer went on to say that the lawmaker asked if she was breast-feeding, and when she said was feeding with formula, she got more unwanted advice.

“I was told by Senator Frye-Mueller that my husband could ‘suck on my breasts’ to get milk to come in. She indicated ‘a good time for that is at night.’ She proceeded to provide hand gestures to her chest area and motion to her husband to see if he agreed. He smiled and nodded,” she wrote.

The staffer said the senator then became even more emotional and aggressive, and with tears in her eyes, told her to stop vaccinating the infant. She said she knew of twins who were harmed by a vaccine and asked if the woman wanted that to happen to her child. The staffer told her she would think it over.

Is she being railroaded?

Voters being disenfranchised?

From DakotaNewsNow:

In light of state Senator Julie Frye-Mueller’s suspension, some voters in South Dakota’s Senate District 30 feel their voices have been denied the representation they voted for.

What makes up Custer, Fall River, and parts of Pennington County is the area considered South Dakota’s 30th district. With the suspension of the district’s only legislative senator, some people feel that their voices are being suppressed.

“25,000 people have no voice, that is an issue, and we want our voice back. We selected Julie because Julie shares a commonality with her district people,” said Custer County Republicans and Central Committee member Gail Ertel.

Like at the federal level, the state also has a government body that passes laws that affect the state and how it is run. They also give each district a voice, and that voice helps decide the laws of the state. With the suspension of Frye-Muller, some people in District 30 feel they lost their voice in the state legislature.

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“We selected her. We legally elected her, and we don’t want her illegally removed,” said Ertel.

Frye-Mueller held a press conference:

More here on Frank Speech:

Onoe more here:


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