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Arizona Secretary of State Seeks Felony Charges Against Kari Lake


Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes (D) sent a criminal referral to Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes (D) to investigate Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Lake, who lost to Democrat candidate Katie Hobbs by 17,000 votes in Arizona’s corrupt, rigged 2022 midterm election, has refused to concede the race.

She has vowed to expose election fraud and numerous issues that likely altered the outcome of the race.

Democrats now sitting in Arizona’s highest offices desperately want her off their case.

As Lake keeps fighting, she continues to find more shocking discoveries that exemplify the incompetence of Arizona election officials.

Last week, Lake shared a massive discovery via a freedom of information request.

Nearly 250,000 election day voting attempts FAILED.

Officials sabotaged Election Day. On November 8th (when 75% of votes were for @KariLake) nearly 1/4 of a MILLION voting attempts FAILED, according to the system log files that were obtained via FOIA,” Kari Lake tweeted.

“This is huge, folks. Huge.”

Kari Lake Update, “HUGE”: FOIA Request Reveals Nearly 250,000 Election Day Votes FAILED

However, Secretary of State Adrian Fontes targeted another discovery shared by Lake for the criminal referral to seek felony charges against the Republican candidate.

Lake said there’s evidence that nearly 40,000 ballots were illegally counted.

“Today’s Senate Testimony CONFIRMS nearly 40,000 ballots illegally counted (10% of the signatures reviewed). I think all the ‘Election Deniers’ out there deserve an apology,” Lake tweeted.

Fontes claimed that posting photos of voters' signatures is a potential violation of state law.

"The protections afforded by this subsection prohibit posting any information derived from voter registration forms or precinct registers to the internet, and under no circumstance may a person other than the voter or [a] statutorily authorized person reproduce a voter's signature," read the referral.

If you review Kari Lake's post, she shared mismatched ballot signatures.

In addition, Fontes conveniently forgets that Lake used the images in her lawsuit, which the Arizona Senate Elections Committee made public.

"This information was made public by the Arizona Senate Elections Committee last Monday and is being used in Kari Lake’s election lawsuit. Lake simply shared evidence that was presented in the Senate," Kari Lake War Room tweeted.

So, exposing a fraudulent election is a violation of state law?

Is that what Democrats are going for?

"#Arizona's Left-Wing #Democrat Secretary Of State Wants @KariLake Investigated & Jailed For Exposing The #Uniparty's FRAUDULENT #Election Results! Because Lake Publicly Released Images Showing VOTER SIGNATURES DO NOT MATCH & THEREFORE EXPOSING THE SCAM!" tweeted John Basham.

"I am writing today to ask you to investigate and take appropriate enforcement action against Kari Lake for potential violations of Arizona law committed under her Twitter handle, @KariLake," Adrian Fontes wrote to Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes.

In the referral, Fontes said a "violation of this provision is a Class 6 felony."



Newsweek reported:

According to the law firm AZ Defenders, a class 6 is the least severe in Arizona, and penalties can include fines, probation or a prison sentence from four months to 5 3/4 years.

A criminal referral, however, does not mean that Lake will be investigated by Mayes for the potential violation.

Kari Lake War Room, Lake's campaign Twitter page, responded to the criminal referral.

"Adrien Fontes wants Kris Mayes to investigate & potentially imprison @KariLake for the 'crime' of... sharing signature verification evidence that was presented before the @AZSenateGOP & is currently in her lawsuit," Kari Lake War Room tweeted.

"Welcome to the Banana Republic of Arizona."

In this tweet, Lake described Fontes as a "former lawyer for Mexican drug cartels."

The ridiculousness of this criminal referral is perfectly described by DC Draino.

"So they’ll threaten to prosecute @KariLake for showing fake signatures and exposing literal fraud, but not the people who shut down dozens of voting machines in Republican precincts on Election Day?" he tweeted.

Kari Lake has vowed to continue fighting and won't back down.


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