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Vaccinated MSNBC Anchor Says ‘Common Cold’ Caused Her Myocarditis Diagnosis


MSNBC anchor Yasmin Vossoughian told viewers why she was away from the studio for several weeks.

The 44-year-old weekend host described a health scare that hospitalized her multiple times.

Vossoughian revealed that she developed pericarditis and myocarditis.

She said the cause of her ailments was a “literal common cold.”




“I know from my Twitter feed that many of you have wondered why I have been off the air for a little while. Well, I’ve been dealing with a little bit of a health scare,” Vossoughian said.

“On December 20th, I began to feel chest pains and they waxed and waned over a period of 10 days. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but as they continued to get worse I started to think something was actually wrong.”

“It was December 30th when I finally went to an urgent care and was told I have reflux. I didn’t really buy it, but I was relieved it wasn’t my heart,” she continued.

“The next day, on December 30th, I woke up with severe pains both in my chest and my left shoulder, and it was like a tightening in my chest when I took deep breaths.”

The news anchor explained she thought it was possibly a heart attack.

Vossoughian continued to tell viewers that she regularly exercises.

Before her health scare, Vossoughian ran seven miles 3-4 times per week, did yoga, doesn’t smoke, and only drank occasionally.

Aside from lack of sleep and working too much, Vossoughian considers herself a healthy person.

“My husband drove me to the emergency room and from there the nightmare that has been my January began. I was diagnosed with pericarditis, inflammation of the lining of my heart,” she explained.

“Brought on by a virus. A literal common cold.”

“I also had fluid around my heart that had to be drained or else it could hinder the beating of my heart. I was hospitalized for four nights and transferred from a local hospital to NYU Langone here in New York City,” she said.

“On January 4th, I was finally discharged after doctors drained the fluid around my heart and I bounced out of the hospital. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough with hopes I was on the mend.”

“But that was not the end. Three days later I was readmitted when I felt a flutter in my heart,” she said.

They determined I had developed myocarditis, inflammation of the actual heart now. The heart muscle,” she commented.

Watch the clip below:

MSNBC stated:

NBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian opens up about why she hasn’t been on air in a few weeks, telling viewers that a common cold lead into the development of Myocarditis, causing inflammation around her heart. She brings in Dr. Greg Katz, cardiologist at NYU Langone Hospital, who breaks down the condition.

Watch the full discussion below:

Although Vossoughian said a “common cold” caused her to develop myocarditis, she did receive the experimental COVID-19 shot.

“Also we are both vaccinated…that was confirmed before this pic!” Vossoughian tweeted in April 2021.

From NBC News last year:

NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC News, is requiring U.S.-based workers returning to the office to be fully vaccinated, Executive Vice President Adam Miller told employees in an email on Aug. 11. Employees will also be required to provide details about their vaccination status.

The company’s Jan. 18 office return has been halted.

“We do not plan to embark on our larger return in January and the pause will remain in place until we begin to see significant declines in the spread of the virus,” Chairman Cesar Conde told employees in an internal memo Jan. 4.

Multiple medical professionals have called for the suspension of the mRNA COVID-19 jabs due to their cardiac-related risks.


Another World-Renowned Cardiologist Calls for Suspension of mRNA COVID-19 Jabs

BREAKING: CDC to Investigate COVID-19 Jabs Due to Strokes?

Another World-Renowned Cardiologist Calls for Suspension of mRNA COVID-19 Jabs


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