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Doctor Reportedly Working With Thailand Authorities to Nullify Pfizer COVID-19 Jab Contracts; Company Would Owe Billions


Thai-German microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi is reportedly working with Thai authorities to nullify the country’s Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 jab contracts.

“I have the first opportunity in three years to talk to the top advisors of a government in any country,” Bhakdi said.

“I laid out to them that this whole COVID-19 agenda is a fake and why it’s a fake,” he added.

“I was able to lay out before them the proof that the COVID vaccinations were based on fraud,” Bhakdi continued.

“Safety pharmacological studies were never performed!” he exclaimed.

“When I told the Thais this, you know guys they jumped up. They jumped up in the room.”

“And so they said to me, we will see to it that Thailand is the first country in the world that is going to declare this contract null and nullify the contract, which means that Pfizer-BioNTech is going to have to pay back those billions to Thailand,” Bhakdi explained.


Bhakdi explained that Thailand’s princess, and potential heir to the throne, remains unconscious after developing a heart condition last month.

Princess Bajrakitiyabha, 44, collapsed during a canine training session in preparation for the Royal Thai Army event to run with dogs at the Working Dog Championship contest in Pak Chong district.

According to reports, she suffered a heart attack.

Thailand Princess Suddenly Collapses of Heart Attack While Running

"I think it was 23 days after the third shot," Bhakdi explained.

"44 years old, never been seriously ill, collapsed and is now in a coma," he said about the princess.

"We're sending information to the Royal Family to alert them to the fact that in all probability the princess is suffering as a victim of this jab," Bhakdi added.


From the New York Post:

Thailand’s Princess Bajrakitiyabha remained unconscious more than three weeks after collapsing due to a heart problem, a palace statement said in an update on the health of the 44-year-old potential heir to the throne.

The eldest child of Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn lost consciousness on Dec. 15 due to severe heart arrhythmia resulting from inflammation following a mycoplasma infection, according to a statement issued by the palace late on Saturday.

The princess’s “overall condition is that she remains unconscious,” the palace said.

“Doctors continue to provide medicine and use equipment to support the functions of the heart, lung and kidney as well as using antibiotics while monitoring her condition closely,” it said.

In December 2021, Dr. Bhakdi and Dr. Arne Burkhardt presented scientific evidence that called for an immediate stop of the gene-based COVID-19 jabs.

(VIDEO) Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Says Organs of Deceased Vaccinated Individuals Proves Autoimmune Attack

Doctors for COVID Ethics noted:

The first category (secretory IgA) is produced by immune cells (lymphocytes) which are located directly underneath the mucous membranes that line the respiratory and intestinal tract. The antibodies produced by these lymphocytes are secreted through and to the surface of the mucous membranes. These antibodies are thus on site to meet air-borne viruses, and they may be able to prevent viral binding and infection of the cells.

The second category of antibodies (IgG and circulating IgA) occur in the bloodstream. These antibodies protect the internal organs of the body from infectious agents that try to spread via the bloodstream.

Vaccines that are injected into the muscle – i.e., the interior of the body – will only induce IgG and circulating IgA, not secretory IgA. Such antibodies cannot and will not effectively protect the mucous membranes from infection by SARS-CoV-2. Thus, the currently observed “breakthrough infections” among vaccinated individuals merely confirm the fundamental design flaws of the vaccines. Measurements of antibodies in the blood can never yield any information on the true status of immunity against infection of the respiratory tract.

The inability of vaccine-induced antibodies to prevent coronavirus infections has been reported in recent scientific publications.

Doctors for COVID Ethics stated in August 2022:

This article summarizes evidence from experimental studies and from autopsies of patients deceased after vaccination. The collective findings demonstrate that

  1. mRNA vaccines don’t stay at the injection site by instead travel throughout the body and accumulate in various organs,
  2. mRNA-based COVID vaccines induce long-lasting expression of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in many organs,
  3. vaccine-induced expression of the spike protein induces autoimmune-like inflammation,
  4. vaccine-induced inflammation can cause grave organ damage, especially in vessels, sometimes with deadly outcome.

We note that the damage mechanism is which emerges from the autopsy studies is not limited to COVID-19 vaccines only but is completely general—it must be expected to occur similarly with mRNA vaccines against any and all infectious pathogens. This technology has failed and must be abandoned.

Dr. Thiravat Hemachudha, a top Thai neurologist and WHO 'expert advisor,' also raised concerns about heart issues related to the mRNA COVID-19 jabs.

From Adverse Reaction Report:

A top infectious disease expert in Thailand has raised the alarm about a possible link between a recent uptick in heart problems and mRNA Covid vaccines, noting that while the risk is minimal, the impact on the heart is rather sudden and severe, Bangkok Post reported.

Dr. Thiravat Hemachudha, a top Thai neurologist, WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Rabies, and chief of the Emerging Infectious Diseases Health Science Centre of the Thai Red Cross, cited a paper by German doctors that was published on November 27, stating that at least 25 patients had died suddenly within a week of receiving an mRNA vaccine.

Hemachudha said that all 25 cases of heart problems were confirmed in an autopsy performed within a week after an mRNA vaccination.


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