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Presidential Announcement Interrupted By Collapsing Wife (Candidate Last To Help)


There is another Republican presidential hopeful for 2024!

Although it hardly received any coverage, West Virginia businessman Rollan Roberts II announced his bid for the 2024 presidential election.

However, it’s not Roberts’ presidential candidacy that’s garnering him press coverage this week.

The events that transpired during his press conference placed Roberts under the microscope.

Roberts’ pregnant wife collapsed while he stood at the podium.

The longshot presidential candidate stood by as several onlookers walked over to assist his wife.

Roberts was the last in the video to aid his fallen wife, and he has been mocked relentlessly for his slow response.

“You probably missed this but another Republican announced he was running for President while his pregnant wife literally passed out in the background,” said Voters of Tomorrow Executive Director Santiago Mayer.

Attorney Ron Filipkowski stated: “Rollan Roberts II announces he is running for president this week, when his five-months pregnant wife passes out. She was fine, and Roberts was obviously highly concerned. Hell of a start to Rollan Roberts 2024!”


Roberts’ (lack of) action made the New York Post:

A West Virginia businessman running for president has been roasted online for taking several seconds to help his expectant wife when she fainted as he announced a bid for the White House.

Republican Rollan Roberts II was in the middle of announcing he was running for president on Jan. 20 at the West Virginia State Capitol when his five-month pregnant wife, Rebecca Lea Roberts, wobbled and collapsed.

Footage showed an aide standing nearby trying to stop her from falling, but she dropped to the floor along with an American flag.

Meanwhile, the candidate glanced over at his sprawled wife – and did nothing as several people walk over to her.

After what seemed like an interminable five seconds, Roberts finally heads to her side.

Social media users commented on Roberts’ response to his fallen wife:

“Bro… he just STOOD there. He was legit gonna just keep going,” one Twitter user commented.

“Not someone I would want as president,” another Twitter user said.

“Pro-tip: if you’re announcing that you’ll be running for president of those United States and your wife faints during the announcement, you look like a psycho if, like Rollan Roberts II, you’re the fifth person to move to help her,” one Twitter user said.

“Shortest presidential campaign in history,” he added.

“He sure took his sweet time to go and offer her assistance!” another person exclaimed.

“Republican announces his run for president, his pregnant wife in heels passes out in the background, he assesses the situation and seems to consider carrying on before finally going to help her,” another Twitter user explained.

“Republican pres candidate considers whether to help his wife who fainted or to just keep going with his important announcement. Tough decision for him,” one Twitter user said.

“You can literally see him wondering whether to help his unconscious pregnant wife or finish his speech,” another person commented.

“If that’s as much concern as he has for his pregnant wife, think how little concern he’d have for constituents. Or any other citizen,” another person explained.

Rollan Roberts II issued a statement in response to his wife passing out.

“Presidential Candidate Rollan Roberts, and his wife, Rebecca, are grateful for the outpouring of concern over her health during the pregnancy of their first son, Rollan III (R3),” the statement read.

“Her medical team had examined her prior to the press conference and was closely monitoring the situation as it happened.”

Read the full statement below:

Rollan Roberts for President Campaign Statement


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