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My Take On The Paul Pelosi Bodycam Footage [From Noah]


Noah here and I can’t take it anymore…I’ve waited all day to vent about this and now is the time.

I have to give you my thoughts about the Paul Pelosi bodycam footage.

The short version?

I think it’s fake.

Not only fake but extremely poorly done.

But as usual, I don’t like to just tell you what to believe, I like to show you all the facts and then let YOU decide.

Feel free to agree or disagree with me, but I do want to hear your thoughts in the comments below after I show you everything.

Let’s start with the footage itself.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, watch here:

Ok, now let’s break down all the questions I have…

Starting with this:

Why are they both smiling?

If your house was just broken into, would you be smiling?

If the police are on your doorstep, do you smile when you open the door?

Next up, I’ve watched this thing over and over and the audio does not match up to their lips…

Who is even talking?

Watch closely and see:

This is funny but true.

These guys look like they were hanging out, not in the midst of an assault:

MANY comments from people just saying it looks “weird” and “staged”.

I agree:

Then we have the door…

Watch again and tell me: who opens the door?

It just swings open!

Can you say “fake” and “staged”?

And here is the (alleged) video footage of the actual break-in:

Here is Tucker’s analysis:

And from a guest who is trying to push the narrative that the video looks super normal and confirms the MSM story:

You buying that?

I’d love to hear what YOU think!


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