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Jan. 6 Guilty Verdict: Propping Your Feet on Pelosi’s Desk Can Get You 20 Years?


The January 6 protester widely known for propping his feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk during the peaceful demonstration at the U.S. Capital building in Washington, D.C., was found guilty today by a jury pooled from one of the largest Democratic bastions in the nation.

In the last Presidential election, 91.2% of voters in Washington cast their ballots for Democratic candidates.

Incredibly, Richard “Bigo” Barnett from Gravette, AR, now faces Barnett now faces up to 20 years in prison.

Barnett was convicted on eight counts ranging from felony civil disorder to obstruction of an official proceeding.

The judge in the case has scheduled a sentencing hearing in May.

You may remember Barnett as the guy who gained nationwide attention from published photos of him in Pelosi’s office with his feet propped up on her desk.

For more details, check out this Newsmax news article today.

Barnett testified that his seemingly innocent act came when a news photographer told him to “act natural.”

So he did.

Conservatives loved it. Liberals, well, they tore their hair out and screamed to the high heavens (which made conservatives love it even more.)

The disturbance occurred while Congress was in a joint session to certify the controversial Biden electoral victory.

After the verdict was announced, Barnett told a group of reporters that a repeal would “absolutely” be in the works.

In an interview with CNN, Barnett’s legal team expressed their unhappiness with the trial:

After the verdict, Barnett’s lawyer Joseph McBride told reporters outside the courthouse that his client had not received a fair trial, saying that Washington, DC, is “not a state” and made up primarily of “Biden voters.”

“We’re not saying there is something inherently wrong with DC or with the jurors.” McBride said. “We’re saying that we believe politics is the big elephant in the room that nobody wants to speak about here and political considerations about this trial have damaged the jury pool to the extent that we can’t get a fair trial.”

Barnett had fought to have the trail moved to Arkansas, his home state, but that request was denied by the court.

In his testimony, Barnett said he had been looking for a bathroom in the Capital but had entered Pelosi’s office unwittingly.

Nancy was busy elsewhere, desperately trying to escape her “raving fans.”

After the verdict was announced, it did not take long for Twitter to come alive with public opinion.

This tweet came from Laura Loomer:

Also on Twitter:


So what do we really have here? A guy enters the Capital, puts his feet up on the Speaker’s desk, leaves her a quarter, and potentially gets 20 years in prison?

And remember, the demonstrators were largely peaceful, the Capital police had unlocked the magnetic door locks and, in many instances on video, were even showing people which way to go.

Let’s face it, folks. This case is more about Pelosi getting her scarves in a knot because some guy she doesn’t know put his feet on her precious work desk than it is about a simple case of trespassing (if that).

And those two reporters who were also in her office. Weren’t they trespassers, as well?



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