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Eighth Graders Shown Condom Video


I’ve got a wild one for you…

And you also might be surprised to get my take on it.

But first let me lay it out.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) first covered this story and let the world know about an animated sex video being shown in the classroom to 8th Graders.

The video was made by Trojan Condoms and was used as part of a Planned Parenthood sex education program.

But you really need to see it, so here you go…

The video is cheekily titled “Condom Sense”:

Here’s the alert put out by the Idaho Freedom Foundation:

Eighth-grade kids in Moscow Middle School were shown a disturbing video with animated sex scenes and a cartoon character apparently removing a condom from his erect penis.

The video was part of a Planned Parenthood-endorsed sex education program which is implemented in public schools by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and by individual health districts. Public records requests reveal that the video was shown for multiple years as part of the sex education program known as Reducing the Risk.

Use of the video and other materials obtained by IFF indicates violation of Idaho law and standards, which require all sex education taught in public schools to reinforce traditional family arrangements and teach abstinence. The video definitely does not promote abstinence.

“Keep the condom on until you ejaculate,” says a female narrator. The video switches to a bird exiting a cuckoo clock on the bedroom wall. Trojan’s video then shows a hand pushing a used condom up off a shaft. “Immediately after ejaculation, hold the condom in place and withdraw the penis while it is still erect,” the narrator says. “Dispose of the used condom by wrapping it in tissue,” the narrator adds alongside a depiction of just that.

Titled “Condom Sense,” the video was created by Trojan Condoms and shows multiple scenes in which either a bed or car is rocking back and forth in an obvious attempt to depict sexual activity.

Another scene shows the man and woman, whose breast size seems purposefully enhanced, at a table where the waiter offers a platter of various types of condoms. “Some have unique shapes, ribbing, nubs – all designed to enhance the experience,” the narrator says. NCHD has said that video was shown virtually and in-person at Moscow Middle School from 2019-2020. It was similarly shown in-person at Tammany Alternative School from 2018-2020. Another Trojan video was shown at Moscow Middle School from 2019-2022 and Tammany from 2018-2020. This one outlines, along with footage, how the company manufactures its condoms.

A separate video discusses the history of condoms and includes clips of topless women. That content was revealed as part of a 2018 email in which NCHD Health Education Specialist Jennifer Andrews laid out multiple videos she intended to show students during a presentation for Reducing the Risk (RTR). NCHD says that particular video — dubbed “The History of Condoms” — was utilized at Tammany Alternative School but hasn’t been shown since 2018.

Meanwhile, when asked for RTR content that was utilized, Moscow school district returned a presentation which included screenshots from both Trojan condoms videos.

Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Center for American Education has reported extensively on this program, and Trojan’s video is the latest content linked to RTR, which can be approved by individual school districts. The curriculum can vary by jurisdiction.

The Trojan video featured prominently at the beginning of a NCHD-recorded zoom lesson for RTR, which was recorded when some schools were teaching virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. After showing the Trojan video during the recorded lesson an NCHD representative says, “Ok, great little video there.”

The lesson also included a Trojan video touting the company’s manufacturing process. During the recording, the presenter later noted the ability for teens to obtain birth control pills from a doctor or family planning clinic without parental involvement. “You do not need a parent’s permission to get birth control at a clinic. No one needs to know that you’re going to the clinic anyways,” she said. “That’s between you and the doctor.”

At another point, she says that a person-to-person visit with a health care provider is the best way to obtain information about contraception. “Your parents are a trusted source, but the most trusted one is a health care provider,” she adds. Part of the “contraception” presentations also included information about the abortifacient Plan B.

The recorded lessons, 15 of which were obtained via records request, offered a glimpse into how NCHD intended to present the RTR curriculum to students. NCHD has said that only one of the recordings was utilized by Moscow Middle School, although it’s unclear which one. Regardless, NCHD and Moscow School District provided electronic copies of slides similar or identical to ones used in the Zoom recordings, and that contained problematic content.

The RTR presentations discovered in NCHD primarily focused on promoting what we have previously called the “New Abstinence.” The objective definition of abstinence is abstaining from sex until marriage.

The New Abstinence redefines the term to mean avoiding sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and pregnancy. Marriage is not in their vocabulary. Marital sex or marriage is never mentioned in the presentations. Meanwhile, vaginal, anal, or oral sex are discussed at least a dozen times in connection with using protection and avoiding STDs or pregnancy. The lessons promote vaginal and oral sex using a condom and sexual fantasy as positive, “no risk” behaviors for kids.

Anal sex with a condom, oral sex without a condom, and having sex while high or drunk are considered to only carry “some risk.”

Currently, RTR is being used by more than a dozen schools affecting around 700 students each year. Potlatch School District, which neighbors Moscow and is also part of NCHD, saw a contentious school board meeting in November as residents reeled from news that RTR was part of their small town’s curriculum. Ultimately, they voted to end the use of RTR, but the controversy raised questions about why the Department of Health and Welfare has pushed the Planned Parenthood-backed curriculum into K-12 classrooms. One board member stated that he “was afraid a teacher might teach the full curriculum to students.”

School districts are not required to notify parents that they can opt their children out of sex education under Idaho code. If districts do choose to alert parents about the Reducing the Risk program, they claim children will be taught “abstinence.” Thus parents are left in the dark unless they realize Planned Parenthood has changed the meaning of the term to show kids how to have sex, transition genders, or get an abortion.

The Trojan video is just one example of the graphic content being shown to our children by public schools and government health districts. Parents MUST find out what else is going on and hold their school districts accountable, because it only gets worse from here.

More here:

Ok….so now for my take.

You may disagree with me, and that’s ok!

I give my take and I’d love to hear yours in the comments section.

But I have to say this is lower on the list of things that offend me than some other stories we’ve covered recently (which I will copy below).

These are not 2nd Graders, they’re 8th Graders.

If you think an 8th Grader has never heard of sex or condoms or seen far worse on the internet, you’re fooling yourself.

Not that any of that is ok, but it is reality for 99.9% of people.

At some point, they grow up and they do need to be taught certain things.

Abstinence only teaching would definitely be preferred, but I don’t find this to be wildly out of line.

I remember being in similar “sex ed” classes growing up.

I’m pretty sure ours were in 6th grade, so to show this in 8th grade doesn’t tend to offend me all that much.

But I’m really interested to hear what you think…👇

Now, I will tell you this…

This next one is something to really get worked up about:

Here Is That SICK Sex Ed Video Teaching First Graders To Masturbate

Early warning on this article….this take is graphic.

If you don’t want to hear graphic content, turn away now.

Ok, you’ve been warned.

But that’s actually kind of the point of this article.

If this topic is too graphic for some of you to even want to read, then why are we allowing it to be taught to our CHILDREN?

Not even just children, but how about FIRST Graders?

Yes, really.

Here is a short 3 minute clip where Ben Shapiro gives his thoughts and shows you the vile cartoon they are showing to your First Graders in school.

This ok with you?

Watch here:

This too:

2nd Graders Shown Video of Man With Erect Wang Standing Over Child

It’s hard to imagine something less appropriate than showing a classroom full of Second Graders a cartoon with a man with a fully-erect Johnson standing over a child….

Yet that’s what happened in Connecticut this week:

Of course, the school district has tried to claim it was an “educational video” protecting against things like abuse.

What do you think?

Is that a good enough reason to show a giant erect Schlong to a classroom of 2nd Graders?

Could the same goal have been accomplished in a different way?

You be the judge and watch for yourself….

Is this video ok in your mind for 2nd Graders?

Here’s what my friends over at The Blaze reported:

Second graders in Greenwich, Connecticut, were shown an animated video that displays the silhouette of a man with a graphic, full erection standing over what has been described as a “sad” girl during a “lesson on social and emotional learning.”

The New York Post reported that the kids were shown a cartoon titled, “Alfred Jr. & Shadow: A Short Story About Being Scared,” during a virtual class that the Greenwich Free Press said was “a lesson on social and emotional learning.”

The Free Press reported:

The description of the video says, “All children are normalscared, but what do children who are embarrassedscared or painfulscared need?”

It explains that The Alfred Jr. & Shadow – A Short Story about Being Scared was an educational film for children aged 6-14 years. The children learn about different ways of being scared, what they need when they are scared, and suggestions for actions. Adults also get some tips on how to meet a child who is scared.

At one point in the video, the narrator says, “Some children are afraid that their mom and dad will beat them, or that their parents will fight. Other children have experienced an adult touching or putting their penis in the child’s private parts or mouth.”

As the voiceover speaks, the image displayed for several seconds on the screen is what The Washington Examiner called “a dejected-looking child” next to “a sexually aroused silhouetted man.”

The Post provided a montage to describe the video, which is provided below.

What did one parent say?

Greenwich parent and Newsmax host Carl Higbie tweeted, “In my hometown, in my daughters age group class of second grade, they showed an animated video today of a man with an ERECTION standing over a child!!!!! this is not OK!!!!”

Higbie told the Free Press that he was “relieved” that his own second grader did not see the film, but that several other “disgusted” parents had reached out to him to express their outrage.

“That somebody thought this video was acceptable for second graders was abhorrent,” he told the outlet.

And one more:

New “Kids” TV Show Launches About Man With Abnormally Lengthy Dong


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