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TRUMP FLASHBACK: The Counterpunch Is Going To Be Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen…


This one is going to be controversial.

I know some of you aren’t going to like it.

Some of you are going to say “the Bible says to turn the other cheek”.

And you’d be right.

But this is where I remind you we didn’t elect President Trump to be our national Pastor, we elected a businessman and a fighter.

Someone who knows how to level the playing field…

How to fight back.

How to WIN!

From StormHasArrived:

Every deep state player who was involved in the ‘Hunt for Trump’ over the past 6+ years is about to have the tables turned on them. Big time. 

All the sham investigations that they conducted, in an effort to turn the people against Trump, have failed. 

Now it’s our turn. 

President Trump is a man of strong convictions. You didn’t think he was going to let them get away with it, did you? 

Nothing can stop what is coming.

Donald Trump has been telling them for decades what he would do, and it’s all right here.

Watch in this short clip:

Donald Trump values loyalty above almost all else.

And it’s funny because when you’re rich and powerful, you don’t know who’s truly loyal and who’s just hanging on for the ride to glom off your success.

It’s why he famously also once said this:

President Trump Reveals The Number One Thing He Values

Credit to the “Not Me, Him” channel for finding this old video of a very young Donald Trump.

And to steal an old Mitch Hedberg joke: “every video of me is when I was younger”.

But let’s get serious because this is a very serious clip and it’s amazing how accurate it predicts what’s happening today.

You may have heard the quote before but here is the video of him saying it.

Basically, this is a young Donald Trump being asked about his friends and how he knows if they are true friends or not.

Good question when you’re worth billions.

How many people TRULY have your back?

Donald answers the question by saying because he himself is extremely loyal to people, he takes it as a grave offense when people are not loyal to him.

And then to directly answer the question he says he’d really love to “lose it all” one day — temporarily — just to see who was truly loyal to him.


Could anything more accurately describe the current state of affairs?

Mr. President, let me be the first to say we’ve had your back since 2015 and we haven’t budged one inch!

You’ve got our FULL SUPPORT and LOYALTY here at WeLoveTrump!

Please enjoy this incredible, prophetic clip where perhaps he didn’t even know it but he was prophesying the future.

Don’t ever doubt how much this man is being used by God.

A modern day Cyrus.

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Backup on Rumble here:

So…how about you?



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