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Calling All Homeschoolers!


If you homeschool your children, this message is for you!

This is a letter from your Editor, Noah!

How are you?

I know we have a LOT of homeschoolers that read WeLoveTrump and for good reason…we’re all on the same team!

We all value our children and we want them protected from socialism, protected from far-left teachers who push LGBTQP, and protected from so much other garbage kids have to deal with these days.

But in addition to protecting them, we want them equipped to succeed!

Armed with knowledge of stuff that matters, stuff that will help them thrive in life!

Look at any rich and successful people and you’ll see MOST homeschool their kids.

They keep their kids close to them.

They travel with them.

They have wonderful life experiences with them (instead of wasting away in a sanitized classroom somewhere, being taught how to regurgitate facts and “behave”).

Is that what we want for our kids?

To be pacified and learn to “behave” and spit back facts of useless knowledge?

I didn’t think so.

So I understand why so many people homeschool their kids and I love it!

And this message is for you.

I’ve been singing the praises of the Tuttle Twins recently because I totally love their products!

Books for kids ages toddler to high school, to teach them the real stuff that matters in life!

Stuff like this:

The books are relatively new but are already a huge success and setting new sales records every day.

And for good reason:

They’re also hated by CNN, so that probably tells you all you need to know, right?

I’ve told you all of that before, but I recently learned something new that you might not know about either…

They have a full curriculum you can get if you homeschool!

How awesome is that?

Doubly awesome: they’ve made it their Cyber Monday sale, with HUGE discounts.

And as Connor Boyack told me when he came on my show, they’re not trying to make huge profits…they’re just trying to fulfill their mission to equip and save our children!

In fact, they believe it that mission so much the company is a non-profit!

You can watch that interview here if you want:

Watch here on Rumble:

Or here on YouTube:

Now, back to their curriculum…

Check this out:

So much good stuff in here!

See the full curriculum here.

Here’s more, direct from Connor:

Hey — today we’re launching a new sale for Cyber Monday on our “Free Market Rules” economic curriculum for kids of all ages.

When done, your kids will know more than 95% of members of Congress!

(Yeah, we know—that’s not a very high bar…)

This award-winning curriculum has activities for both young and old children, and extremely helpful parent guides to help mom or dad understand and explain each step.

If you homeschool, this makes for excellent curriculum to teach basic economics.

And if your kids are in public or private school, this is an important supplement since your children’s teachers won’t be discussing these ideas. (Chances are, they’ll be teaching ideas that oppose free markets.)

Our entire curriculum — 120 lessons in total — is on sale today at 50% OFF in a massive bundle that includes printed and digital copies as well as all of our parent guides.

Here’s the link:

It’s the entire thing, available 50% off! Today’s a great opportunity to get the full thing and have it ready for your children, whether now or in the future.

Not ready to take the plunge? You can get 25% off any of the individual components of our curriculum or the parent guides.

You can also see Unit 1 in a free sample to preview what’s inside.

Here’s where to get the deal and see the free sample:

Thousands of families have completed this curriculum and have been blown away at the concepts their children were able to grasp.

So take advantage today and let’s get learning about the free market!

Here’s more directly from the Tuttle Twins company:

What Makes Our Books So Different?

The Tuttle Twins’ Book Series Introduces Important Ideas That Schools Don’t Teach.

There aren’t any other children’s books that present a vast array of free-market topics in such a fun way. The books teach relevant freedom-based concepts that most of us were never taught as kids. But it’s not too late!

The Tuttle Twins books challenges children to learn “adult” ideas—and they love it! We explain these ideas simply, and with helpful illustrations… and we’ve been amazed at how well kids rise to this challenge. Yours will, too.

These stimulating stories encourage children to make sense of the world—and we’ve heard so much fun stories about how this is working so well.

One mom wrote us this: “I took my kids to the grocery store a few days after we read one of the Tuttle Twins books about free markets. We were walking down the chip aisle when my son pointed to the 18 kinds of potato chips and said Hey, that’s spontaneous order! I kid you not. My kids know economic ideas that I didn’t even understand until we read the book together. So awesome!”

And I recently got this email from another mom: “I’ve been so anxious about the state of our world and what to share with my children. Now we read Tuttle Twins books each night and it has been so helpful to talk to my kids about things like individual rights, the proper role of government, and what it means to be free. These discussions are so meaningful to our family, and they wouldn’t be happening without these books. Thank you so much!”

That’s what our books are about: helping you have amazing conversations with your children about the ideas that built our amazing country but which are now under attack.

For too long, parents have lacked a language to communicate these concepts to their kids.

But not any longer. That problem has been solved with the Tuttle Twins books!

For the visual learners out there (and who can’t resist watching two cute kids?) watch this and learn from the children.

They need our help and they deserve our help:

I love this company for so many reasons, and here’s one more…

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed:

Not happy with what you get?

Return it for a full refund.

Connor’s Your-Kids-Will-Love-The-Tuttle-Twins-Or-I-Will-Refund-Your-Money-And-You-Keep-The-Books Guarantee!

Help the children in your life learn these important ideas by purchasing the books now. Over 500,000 families have already bought the books for their kids. Can you guess how many families didn’t like them and demanded a refund? Nine.

Needless to say, our young readers love these books!

Worried that you’re not sure you’ll love them? No problem! The risk is all on our end. If you don’t like them, let us know within 30 days of purchase and you can keep the books. I will immediately refund your money.

Yes — I’m THAT confident your family will benefit from these books. No questions asked. No hassle. And with that guarantee, there’s no reason to not get these books for your kids.

You’ve got nothing at all to lose. So give your children a foundation of freedom today!

In liberty,

I’ll be telling you a lot more about these in the days going forward, but don’t wait to grab them because the 50% off ends on Sunday.


Your friend,


Please watch this short video here on Rumble before you go:

There is nothing more important than protecting our next generation…our children!


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