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Brazilian Military Reportedly Stands With Bolsonaro – Prepared to Invoke Article 142


According to reports, the Brazilian military stands with Jair Bolsonaro and is ready to invoke Article 142 to save the nation from an alleged rigged election.

Article 142 says that the military has the role of “guaranteeing constitutional powers” under the “supreme authority of the president.”

“In a freak election, where every vote was tallied by machines, Socialist felon Lula da Silva managed to win the election despite his party losing seats in the parliament against the very popular Jair Bolsonaro,” The Gateway Pundit noted.

Revolver provided additional background detail from what has ensued in Brazil since the election:

Background: The Brazilian people have flooded the streets in protest at an allegedly rigged and stolen election. Truckers are blocking all highways. Farmers have blocked all ports from exporting agriculture. Bolsonaro has exhausted his legal options, with his election appeal being rejected by a corrupt, opposition-appointed Chief Supreme Court justice.

Bolsonaro is now huddling with the military to plot his next moves.


Matthew Tyrmand joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Saturday.

Tyrmand has been reporting on the massive protests following the alleged stolen presidential election.

Watch via Rumble:

“Army General Marco Antonio Freire and the Army Reserves sent a letter to the Military stating that they stand with President Bolsonaro and encourage action to be taken against the corrupt election,” tweeted Rebel News reporter Katie Daviscourt.

From Vista Patria (translated):

Army General Marco Antonio Freire and reserve officers of the Armed Forces signed an Open Letter in which they reinforce their commitment to the nation and the people and defend the ‘return to the rule of law and the observance of constitutional precepts’, with a view to censorship and chaos being imposed on the country, by those who should keep law, order and be the guardian of the Constitution.

The letter

Exmos. gentlemen General Officers who make up the High Command of the FFAA
Alte. of Police Station ALMIR GARNIER SANTOS – Comte. of the Navy,

Comte. of the Army, Lt. Brigadier of the Air CARLOS DE ALMEIDA BAPTISTA JUNIOR – Comte. of Aeronautics.
This Charter is signed by Reserve and Retired Officers of all ranks and ages, many of whom have already occupied the highest positions in the FFAA, including in critical moments when our sovereignty was also at risk. The Armed Forces (FFAA) enjoy, for a long time, the highest degree of respect and credibility in Brazilian society, and we are seen in the family and social circles that surround us as paradigms of character, honesty, probity and, above all, commitment to the Nation and its People. In this way, there is no lack of critical views and demands regarding a clear position for this serious and dangerous, almost unsustainable, situation in which we find ourselves.
Thus, it is with deep respect for legality, hierarchy and discipline that we address Your Excellencies, our current Military Chiefs, to respectfully attest our trust and unconditional support, and express our concerns so that they do not come to hover over the nation any doubts about complying with the sovereign will of our people.
The recent report issued by the Ministry of Defense, as well as the various statistical analyzes of data processing of the results of the ballot boxes, conducted by several specialists and independent audits, expose the fact that we do not have an electoral system endowed with minimum conditions that attest to its security. , transparency, veracity, traceability and that can be audited at all stages of the process, as provided by our current legislation. Unfortunately, the body that should be responding with total clarity, in a technical and transparent way to these and any other future inquiries, remains silent, ignoring the request of citizens.
It is also clear that we are experiencing a serious institutional crisis in view of the fact that bodies at the top of the Judiciary, such as the STF and the TSE, have systematically placed themselves above the laws and their own competences, invading the attributions of other Powers, as repeatedly stated by learned jurists.
In view of this scenario, it is natural and justifiable that the Brazilian people are feeling helpless, intimidated, with their hands tied and seek in the FFAA, the “real guardians” of our Constitution, the support for their concerns and the solution to their anguish, as its last resort, since it does not seem obvious to resort to judicial protection instruments, since the very authority that should provide this same protection refuses to meet these desires, even using censorship.
Thus, manifesting itself by the millions, in the streets of all corners of this country, Brazilian society has been clamoring in a peaceful and democratic way for:

return to the rule of law and observance of fundamental democratic constitutional precepts, such as freedom of expression, ideas and opinions; and

guarantee that the will of the people, democratic and sovereign, is carried out through reliable elections, with transparent processes, which can be audited and traced at all stages, whatever their type.

Our feeling, given the current political and institutional framework, is that our homeland runs a high risk of rapidly entering a social upheaval, with serious repercussions on its Sovereignty and the freedom of its People. The antecedents presented above already indicate, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are living in an exceptional regime, with the usurpation of exclusive attributions of the Legislative and Executive Powers by the highest court of the Judiciary Power, which in itself already configures an anomalous situation , with strange characteristics that mortally wound the foundations of a democratic regime, a situation that, unfortunately, seems to be moving towards an advanced stage of consolidation.

Thus, considering the above, we believe it is imperative to take the present initiative to share with you. our greatest concerns regarding the demands that have been postulated in a democratic, orderly and incessant manner by the Brazilian People, in order to bring more tranquility to the Nation and the certainty that we will be legitimately represented by people chosen democratically, in whom we will deposit the future of our nation .
Are they:

Based on and reasoning in the Ministry of Defense report sent by Official Letter 29126/GM-MD of 11/09/2022 and in view of the serious facts pointed out there, in addition to
other strong evidence established by independent audits, there are potential threats to Security which cannot in any way be
ignored, due to the possibility of internal or external interference, of unknown origins, in the voting process in our country, and still without any
responses from the body responsible for providing it. It fits, according to your experience and knowledge. the use of the necessary legal means, of our
Magna Carta, and in particular of the forecasts for the maintenance of the Security of the Brazilian Nation, to fully elucidate this situation; and

Resolutely support effective measures and actions, in accordance with the Federal Constitution, for the immediate reestablishment of law and order, preserving the individual freedom of any Brazilian citizen to express ideas and opinions and the maintenance of the sovereignty of our Homeland, as well how to avoid the demoralization of our institutions, in them the FFAA, the last stronghold of any nation, today represented by Your Excellencies.

The time has come for the authorities and the Brazilian people to know that the FFAA will not accept having a candidate, whoever he may be, as the next President, with any doubts about the legitimacy of the choice, free and sovereign of the will of the majority, as advocates the Constitution, under penalty of suffering a fratricidal convulsion, with extremely harmful results and unpredictable consequences for the Sovereignty and National Security of our Country.
In this way, we await your decisions and place our full trust in your experience, knowledge and capacity, convinced that our concerns, which are the same as those of the Brazilian People, sovereign holder of the real Power of our Nation, also have no past unnoticed by V. Exas. and that they will come up with the best solution to appease the heated emotions that today rob Brazilian citizens of their peace of mind and credibility on the international scene of this great sovereign, democratic and free country called BRAZIL.


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