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Maricopa County Attorney Caught On Camera Over “Canceled” Ballots: “I Don’t Give a F***”


They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

The people in Maricopa appear to be either incompetent or much worse.

A lawyer for Maricopa County was caught speaking with a Kari Lake volunteer.

You see, the Lake campaign is collecting data on all ballots that were “canceled” due to the voting machine malfunctions on election day.

Keep in mind that the voting machines worked throughout all of early voting.

Then on election day itself, when most Republicans turn out to vote, 48% of the machines had problems.

So what did the lawyer for Maricopa say?

I don’t give a f***.

Does that sound impartial to you?

Does that sound like someone who truly cares about free and FAIR elections?

I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds like language that should immediately disqualify you from working on an election.

Don’t take our word for it.

Listen for yourself:

Even non partisan watch dog groups are beginning to pick up on the controversy in Maricopa.

According to the Election Integrity Network:

Within days after the election, EIN prepared and sent a survey to volunteers in all the state Election Integrity Coalitions seeking input, thoughts, and responses about their experiences in the elections of 2022.

Within hours of sending the survey to the Arizona volunteers, responses flooded back. Within two days, nearly half of the Arizona volunteers had responded.

Based on their experiences, 85% of the poll observers and election workers in Maricopa County are “not at all confident” about the outcome of the election.

95% of respondents said their biggest concern with the election process was the “voting technology”
Observers reported “chaos” at multiple voting centers caused by printer and tabulator malfunctions, all day, contradicting statements by Gates and Richer that the problems had been ‘solved’.

Volunteer Attorneys reported “findings [that] directly contradict the statements of County election officials that (1) printer/tabulator issues were limited to only 70 of the 223 vote centers, (2) the printer/tabulator problems were resolved as of 3:00 p.m., and (3) the printer/tabulator issues were insignificant in the entire scheme of the election.

After reading this information, do you have confidence in the outcome of Maricopa’s elections?

I certainly don’t!

It’s not a matter of “us vs. them.”

It’s a matter of restoring integrity to the electoral process.

If there’s nothing to fear, then why are they acting so shady? Why are they refusing to investigate anything?

The answer of “I don’t give a f***” tells you everything you need to know.

This phone call is slowly making its way into the national press.

Even the Washington Post is covering it:

On Friday night, a Twitter account associated with Lake’s campaign posted a video of a portion of the call that captures Liddy cursing and raising his voice. The Lake campaign did not respond to a request for the full video, which was taken from inside the GOP’s war room at a Scottsdale resort. County officials said they were blindsided that the conversation had been recorded and then posted publicly with the names of only one side bleeped out.

Tim La Sota, an attorney for the Lake campaign who was present for the call, did not dispute Liddy’s characterization of the conversation but said he did not interpret Mehr’s comments as a threat. An RNC spokesman called Liddy’s account of the call “false” and issued a statement attacking Maricopa County officials as “completely inept.”

The tense exchange, between two Republican lawyers, lays bare the internal GOP war over the administration of elections. Nowhere is that feud more ferocious than in Maricopa County, the second-largest voting jurisdiction in the country, which became a focal point of former president Donald Trump’s efforts to reverse his 2020 loss. Vote-counting is still proceeding in the county, and the race for state attorney general, which could shape enforcement of election law, hangs in the balance.


The video clip circulated by the Lake campaign shows the RNC attorney, seated before a computer, holding a phone in his hand, with another person on the other side of him also holding up a phone as if to record the episode. In the clip, the RNC attorney says it would be helpful “for us to be able to say that Tom Liddy is giving us good information.”

“Guess what? Let me educate you,” Liddy replied, according to the video recording. “I cannot control what you say. Okay? You can say whatever you want to say. I can’t control that. Now, if you’re not happy working with me … then we’ll just stop. I don’t give a s—.”

At one point, Liddy said: “It sounds like you’re threatening me.” Mehr responded: “I’m definitely not threatening you, and I promise that.”

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Liddy repeated the RNC attorney’s words back to him, as he recalled them. “If I don’t get these answers to you quickly, you’re not going to be able to tell the crazy people that I’ve been helpful,” Liddy said, according to the video recording. “I don’t give a f—.”

“I’m just saying what I’m worried about,” Mehr responded, to which Liddy told him, “I don’t care.”

The more pressure we can put on Maricopa, the better!

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Is this the behavior and language we expect from a lawyer overseeing an election?

If you think this is inappropriate, then it’s up to us to spread the word!


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