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Here Are the Videos From Maricopa County! “Election Denial” or Reality?


Folks, we are not in the business of spreading fake news or creating conspiracy theories.

So let’s just take a look at the facts.

In this article, we are sharing videos from the ground in Maricopa County.

Again and again and again, people had challenges voting.

And election day voters, who tend to be Republican, had issues having their ballots counted.

But here’s the key: these things are all on video.

So take a look for yourself.

Here’s the account of a voter from Scottsdale, AZ:

Simply put, after technicians arrived on scene, the tabulators had issues counting their votes.

People had one of two options:

1). Wait a minimum of 30 minutes (on top of the time they spent waiting in line) to get the machine to read their votes.

2). Drop their votes into “Box 3.”

Most people chose to drop their votes into Box 3.

Here are more videos detailing the situation:

There are videos of people waiting in line being told that the voting machines aren’t working.

Why did the voting machines happen to “malfunction” on election day?

What are the odds?

Out of the entire country, this issue only seemed to happen in the county where it mattered the most…

Even Fox News, which has tried to keep distance from these kinds of stories, covered what happened in Maricopa:

Here’s another video showing a massive truck showing up to a voting center in Maricopa:

Listen to the testimonies of Republican poll watchers below:

Voters are angry and sharing their stories:

But here’s where things get interesting:

The people running the election were openly anti-Lake.

Shouldn’t the people running the elections at least pretend to be impartial?

Instead, they are openly against one candidate and for another.

How does that inspire confidence for anyone?

So far, it seems like the mainstream media is ignoring these massive allegations.


Isn’t it the media’s job to ask questions and find answers?

Fortunately, the Western Journal is based in Arizona and covered the Maricopa embarrasment:

Election integrity and the ability to safely, accurately and efficiently tabulate votes are a bedrock of American democracy.

So why did so many American voters struggle to even cast their ballot?

The Western Journal set out to investigate what was going on in its own backyard. (The Western Journal is based in Arizona.)

You can watch the video above.

In it, an Arizona voter described an utterly bizarre scene when he arrived to cast his ballot.

“There was this woman, who was coming down the line who already voted, and she was explaining to us that they’re playing games inside,” the voter described. “Claiming the printers don’t work. Tabulators aren’t working, and they want you to put your vote in box 3.”

Now that scene alone would be disturbing enough, exacerbating concerns about election irregularities. But what the voter described next only made the entire situation even more unusual.

“She was being followed by a Board of Elections representative yelling also, ‘Don’t believe this woman! Don’t believe this woman! Pay no attention to her,’” the voter said.

Lo and behold, the voter experienced exactly what the woman whom he shouldn’t pay attention to described.

If there were just one example of a voter struggling to cast their ballot, The Western Journal might have dismissed it as pure happenstance.

As you can see, there are multiple videos with multiple people from multiple angles that appear to show the exact same story.

So what happened in Maricopa?

Are we election deniers for believing what we see with our own eyes?

Or is there something more at play here?

Let us know in the comments below!


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