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READ THIS: Don’t Buy In To The Anti-Trump Media Psyop!


Folks, I have a special warning to put out there…

I’ve been seeing this grow ever since Midterms almost like it’s a concerted effort and plan among some wolves in sheep’s clothing who want to take down Trump.

Lincoln Project 2.0 is what it feels like.

CINOs (Conservatives In Name Only) banding together to say Trump has lost his power in the party, it’s time for DeSantis and on and on it goes.

I’m sure you’ve seen it.

It almost feels like 2015 to me all over again…

Didn’t any of these people learn back then?

I guess not.

But many did learn and have Trump’s back like yours truly & WeLoveTrump as well as people like Sebastian Gorka:

Right on Sebastian!

This is a great short clip, watch this:

Both of you gentlemen are right on!

Here was my reply:

Trump, then Trump again, then Kari Lake!

That’s exactly how it’s going to go down…

Sorry Ron, not sorry:

Exactly right Ryan:

Chuck Callesto gets it too (by the way, Chuck DM me, I want to chat):

That’s exactly right.

Here’s another guy who gets it….Ric Grinnel.

Watch here on Rumble:

Not only have almost no losses happened, but President Trump brought home a stunning 174-9 win record this cycle.

Nearly unprecedented!

Ronald Regan and Abe Lincoln back from the grave couldn’t do better!

I wrote more about that here:

Trump vs. DeSantis: My Take [From Noah]

I’ve seen and listened to a whole bunch of pundits today talking about how Trump is finished, washed up…and how the Republican party has shifted now to DeSantis.

Look, I like DeSantis.

Good guy, great Governor…doing amazing things in Florida.

But the take that DeSantis is now leading and not Trump is pure hogwash.

Pure BS.

Sorry, but that’s just total nonsense.

And I’ll explain why.

Let’s start here:

President Trump’s record in this race is stunning…

He was WILDLY successful, almost unprecedented in his win streak.

To claim that his endorsement didn’t work is simply not living in reality.

So let’s dismiss that idea right upfront.

This is still FIRMLY President Trump’s party.

We don’t have to dislike DeSantis or downgrade DeSantis to make that happen.

They’re both wonderful leaders.

But Trump stands tall and his support has only grown.

So now let’s look at it from the other angle.

People are claiming DeSantis’ margin of victory was so big and the other races so tight that it shows he’s more popular.

Again, I agree DeSantis is loved in Florida, but I have a much different take.

His win is much more the result of the election integrity measures he took and the results of seeing what a free and fair election actually looks like, rather than a referendum claiming he’s more popular that Trump or Trump-backed candidates.

Here’s what DeSantis did in Florida:


Folks, DeSantis had the advantage of cleaning (most) of the fraud out of his state and that is what you are seeing in these results.

Is DeSantis that much more popular than Kari Lake?

I doubt it.

In fact, I think Lake is the true superstar.

If I were to list power-rankings, mine would go 1) Trump 2) Lake 3) DeSantis.

But Kari Lake is fighting in a rigged fight.

I don’t even know how this is legal, but her opponent somehow gets to run and administer the election!

One of the biggest conflicts of interest I have ever seen!

If Lake’s election was on the same footing as what DeSantis did in Florida, I suspect Lake may have taken 70% of the vote.

But I do believe she wins this one and then pulls a DeSantis by cleaning house in the state, and in her re-election we see the big sweep for Lake.

Mark it down, you heard it here first!

So let’s stop with the nonsense about DeSantis surpassing Trump.

Good guy, but we are far from the torch handoff, and when the handoff does come it goes to Lake and not DeSantis.


Now let’s see what you think…👇

Republicans Did “Bad”? What Are You Talking About? [FROM NOAH]

Hi friends,

Noah here and I had to bust out my keyboard because I am sick and tired of hearing all morning how the Republicans did bad.

How the “red wave” was just a puddle.

Sorry but…what are you talking about?

Amidst major fraud, we racking up big wins all across the country.

It is looking like we may very well take both the House and the Senate, as well as Kari Lake and many other big wins for Republican Governors.

I literally listened to one guy this morning who said Republicans failed because they didn’t win the Gubernatorial Race in New York.

Sorry, was that ever on the table?

It SHOULD have been if the election were fair and honest and if people voted for a real American patriot who supported liberty, but I never expected the Republicans to take New York.

What a stupid standard to base things on.

So I had to take a minute and fire this out to level set and remind everyone exactly what just happened.

Let’s start here, showing how we likely get to 52 in the Senate:

Putting things into perspective helps a lot:

Also, I thought this was wonderful perspective:

Here’s more on the multiple paths forward to a Republican controlled Senate:

As I said from the very beginning, the true vote would need to be SO BIG and SO DECISIVE that it overwhelmed and defeated the massive fraud we were up against…

And it looks like we succeeded.

Never forget that aspect of things.

This was not a fight on a level playing field.

This was a fight in a rigged game and it looks like we overcame the riggers:

So the next time you hear someone say the Republicans underperformed, respectfully show them this article.



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