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MSDNC Host Gets Her ASS Handed To Her By Real Americans!


Score 1 for every day real Americans (like you and me).

Score 0 for the vapid MSDNC host who got outclassed, outsmarted and outmatched when she tried to host a Town Hall chat with real Americans.

I honestly feel kind of bad for her…

No wait, hear me out!

I think she lives in a Far-Left MSM Bubble, where she has actually been indoctrinated herself.

I think she probably hasn’t had an original thought of her own for years, if not decades.

I think she is told what to say and she’s just bought in hook, line and sinker.

Critical thinking skills are gone, if they ever existed.

And I think she lives in that bubble and was probably shocked to learn a whole panel of regular Americans didn’t just buy the B.S. like she did.

You can see her eyes kind of bug out because I think she is so caught off guard that people aren’t accepting her talking points in the same way she accepted them from her MSM overlords.

The whole thing is incredible, watch here:

I love how she starts off by saying “Doug Mastriano was at the insurrection”.

She barely gets those words out of her mouth before the panel corrects her on two lies…

The first being that it was an insurrection.

The second being that showing up in a public gathering at the People’s House in a peaceful manner to protest is anything but LEGAL and LAWFULLY PROTECTED by the Constitution!

Blank stare in response as she desperately shifts to the next point on her Talking Points Memo:


Meanwhile, if she wanted to do a real story, perhaps she should cover the so-called “Leader of the free world” falling asleep on live TV.

Such a disgrace:

Or if you want to cover a violence insurrectionist, how about covering Nancy Pelosi?

This is more violent than anything I saw (from non-ANTIFA plants) on January 6…

Here is Pelosi literally saying she would have punched the sitting President of the United States in the face:

Is that not treason?

Certainly it’s insurrection…?

Cover that story MSDNC!

But of course you won’t.

So we will.

And we’ll also show everyone this…

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Trust Fox News?

Here’s the real Donald Trump the MSM is terrified you will see:

Good man.

Great family.

Best President we have ever had.

And he’s coming back soon!


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